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How To Make Sock Puppets With The Kids

Keeping the kids entertained is hardly ever easy, but something that they nearly always enjoy is taking part in different kinds of arts and crafts. On a rainy day when you and your child are bored, instead of making cakes and contributing to the rise in childhood obesity, why not make a cute, handy sock puppet instead? Not only will they love making the sock puppet, they can then play with it for hours on end. Plus, it doubles up as a great dust buddy so you can encourage them to help you spring clean, too! Here’s how to make sock puppets with the kids:

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To Make Your Sock Puppets You’ll Need:

  • Old socks (washed and smelling fresh of course)

  • Various buttons of different colours, shapes, and sizes

  • A needle and thread

  • Glue squares (optional)

  • Markers and pencils

  • Yarn (optional)

  • Felt, cloth, and other scraps

You can make any kind of sock puppet you like; from a dog, to a kitten or even a little boy/girl.  You should get as creative as possible with this project, and use any other materials that you like. Think outside of the box to try to make something your child will love!

Step 1

First of all you need to fit the sock on your child’s hand so that it forms a “mouth”. Use a pencil to mark this if you need to before taking it off your child’s hand, as you don’t want to ruin your puppet mould.

Step 2

To make the mouth, sow a small tack on each side of where it should be to hold it in place. If you can, do this on the underside of your puppet’s mouth so you can’t see it. Now, fit the sock back on to your child’s hand and mark where everything else should go; the eyes, ears, nose, hair, tongue, etc. Remember to be creative!

Step 3

If you’re making some kind of animal, you can now cut out ear shapes from the same kind of sock and iron them flat. You can also find a piece of pink material to act as a tongue.

Step 4

Now you can use glue to stick the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears on to your puppet, and then sew anything if you need to. Make sure you let the glue dry thoroughly, but be careful because if you use glue on it’s own without sewing anything it can get disintegrated in the wash.

Step 5

Now your kids have their new sock puppet pals, you can encourage them to start helping with the housework. Tell them they’re “feeding” their new puppet pal with dust, and the more they dust, the fuller their pal will be. Put on their favourite One Direction CD if they need a little more encouragement to dust. Sneaky, but it works!

Now you and the kids can have hours of fun; making sock puppets, playing with the sock puppets, and cleaning with the sock puppets. Enjoy your new dust eating helpers!

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