How to get your Kids to Save Energy

If you’re a family looking to save energy, not only would you need the help of an energy calculator, but the involvement of every member to make sure that you are successful in your endeavor to save energy. Sometimes it can be difficult to get children to participate. Here we take a look at how you can get your kids to save energy:


The most important thing that you can do with your children to get them to help save energy is through education. If they understand why they have to turn the lights off or put the can in the recycling box, then they are more likely to do it. This way, they will develop a habit of doing necessary actions to save energy.

Additionally, an even more engaging approach to teaching them is to invite an electrician malvern (or wherever you live) to repair the outdated and faulty wiring. When children witness the repairs being conducted, they will have a better understanding of how different electrical components contribute to energy savings. The electrician can explain the process step-by-step so that the children can gain a better understanding of the topic. Moreover, this will allow the children to ask questions and thus further their understanding of electricity and energy conservation.

Be a Good Example

Something that goes for all parenting, being a good example when it comes to saving energy is essential. Children learn by watching their parents, so if you turn the lights off when you leave the room, they will too.

Give them Responsibility

If you give younger kids the responsibility of making sure that you turn the lights off when you leave the room, they will enjoy their task, and take ownership of it.

Encourage Kids to Discover Energy Saving Ways

Older children can be encouraged to help in a different way – ask them to research ways that they can help you conserve energy. Whether that’s at the library, at school or on the internet: researching for themselves will not only help them to cultivate useful skills, it will also encourage them to take ownership of saving energy. is a great website for kids to learn about energy saving.

Show Them the Bills

Help encourage maths and life skills by showing older children the electricity bills. This helps cement the worth of energy saving, not only for the benefit of your family, but the environment too. Make it like a game: see how much of a difference you make to the bill by practicing energy saving activities.

If you have solar panels or insulation installed, you’ll be able to show a real difference.

Don’t let it be a Chore

When it becomes boring is when it becomes a chore, and then your kids are not going to want to participate in saving energy. Make it fun, play games and make sure that you don’t get bored with it either. You could set timers on showers and record each family member’s time (at the same time as making sure they get proper washes!) and the winner gets to pick the board game you play on game night – a night without TV is another great way to save energy too.

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