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How to eat healthy and stay fit


Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the most significant and essential part of maintaining fitness and good health. It can help you feel the best without putting any effort. But is your food habit a healthy one? Are you eating right food?

Well, here are some essential tips that would help you eat for health and stay fit.

  • Eat regularly – It is very important that you eat regularly as it ensures weight control and even help you lose extra weight. You must follow a regular eating pattern especially of meals and mid meals. A properly planned eating pattern is likely to include recommended number of serves from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, an unstructured and spontaneous eating pattern usually includes discretionary foods like added sugar, saturated fat, added salt at the expense of vital nutrients and dietary fibre.
  • Avoid skipping breakfast – This is the rule of thumb for optimal health. Different surveys show that breakfast skipper often temp to unplanned and unhealthy choices during morning time and large serves at the snack or next meal. People who take their breakfast based on bread, wholegrain, yogurt, low fat milk, fruits, vegetables etc. on a regular basis are more likely to eat well and lose weight than breakfast skippers.
  • Eat with others not with TV – It has been noticed that people who eat with other people sitting in a dining table are likely to eat well and regularly than those who eat alone or watch TV while eating. Having meals with others usually include more food from five essential food groups. People often complain that they don’t bother to cook vegetables just for themselves. TV watching is also associated with eating discretionary foods like convenience foods and take-away and less food from the five groups. It makes it difficult for our body to recognize and respond to signals about satiety and hunger.
  • Take right amount of calorie – This is another thing that you must follow when it comes to your diet. The amount of calorie you should take largely depends on your activity level. You should always keep a balance between how much energy you consume and how much you use. Eating too much will definitely let you put on weight and vice versa. A man should have around 2,500 calories per day while a woman should take around 2,000 calories though unfortunately, most adults tend to consume much more than what is required and recommended. Also you should eat different types of food including Westin Gourmet so that you get a balanced diet and to ensure that your body is getting all required nutrients.

Proper meal planning and making healthy food choices can be tricky sometimes, but you can surely do it if you want.


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