How To Choose Shoes for Walking in the City

Cities, with their intricate streets, vibrant neighborhoods, and diverse cultures, were indeed originally designed for exploration on foot. Walking through a city allows you to immerse yourself fully in its unique atmosphere, uncover hidden gems, and connect with its people and history. It’s a mode of travel that engages all your senses and offers a deeper understanding of a place.

That said, embarking on an urban adventure necessitates prioritizing comfortable footwear for city exploration. Whether your choice leans towards sturdy cowboy boots, adaptable sneakers, or stylish mules from kaanas, these well-chosen shoes become your dependable companions, aiding in covering extensive distances, handling various terrains, and adapting to shifting weather conditions within the urban landscape.

A well-fitted pair of shoes with proper arch support and cushioning can make a world of difference in preventing fatigue and blisters. Meanwhile, good quality socks help in moisture management, reducing the risk of discomfort and blisters. Socks similar to Circufiber socks can especially be crucial for individuals with diabetes, particularly those at a higher risk of developing foot ulcers or infections. They can serve as a valuable preventive measure to safeguard foot health and ensure comfortable mobility.

That said, with the right footwear, you can confidently tread through bustling marketplaces, stroll along charming cobblestone streets, ascend historic staircases, and traverse sprawling parks.

1. Skip the Trail Runners and Hiking Boots

Even if you consider yourself an urban adventurer, hiking boots and trail running shoes are simply too much shoe for the average city street. As you peruse discount shoes online, save that heavy, uber-grippy footwear that catches your eye for your weekend trips to the forest preserve or trail.

2. Comfort Counts

More than anything else, you should look for a shoe that’s comfortable. If you’re hoofing it across town in your New Balance walking shoes or other city sneakers, they need to provide excellent cushioning and keep your arches well supported. Look for:

  • Shock-absorbing midsoles
  • A memory foam or EVA-cushioned footbed
  • A breathable upper

While you don’t need a pair of hiking shoes to take the city block by block, you do need a shoe with a durable outsole that has slip-resistant treads for traction. Since the threat of chafing is very real, look for a shoe with a plush lining that won’t grind against your heel or otherwise bother your foot. Your footwear should also offer ample room for your toes, so save your pointy-toed shoes for special occasions that will require little time on your feet.

3. Style Matters, Too

Shopping for men’s and womens sneakers online doesn’t mean sacrificing style for comfort. Your shoes for city walking should feel good and look good. Pick a pair that fits the current trend or opt for throwback tennies that ooze effortless, retro cool. Whatever your personal taste is in shoes, honor it. You don’t have to wear chunky, white “Grandpa” sneakers to stay comfy.

4. Flat Isn’t All That

It may be a no-brainer that you should leave your heels at home when you’re going to be walking great distances, but it may not be as obvious that completely flat shoes are a bad idea, too. Flats offer zero support. Look for a shoe with a low heel that’ll offer support with each step.

5. Remember the Weather

Sporty shoes offer a variety of bells and whistles, some more relevant than others given your terrain. If you’re going to be crisscrossing rainy Seattle, for example, you’ll want water-resistant walkers. If your treks will take you back and forth across Tucson, on the other hand, waterproofing isn’t really a concern. For arid climates, you might prize a breathable upper. If you travel frequently and plan to stroll through several cities, you might be after a lightweight, easy-to-pack pair of kicks. Taking into consideration the climate is crucial to choosing the right walking shoe, particularly where rain, snow and slush are concerned.

Pounding the pavement is often the least stressful way to get from here to there; when you walk, you don’t have to worry about traffic or a train running late. Choose the right pair of walking shoes for your lifestyle and locale, and get ready to discover your city in comfort.

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