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What I do with my day

As I can’t go back to work yet (Lily isn’t old enough to go school), and we can’t really afford childcare, I try and make some more money both on and offline.

My workstation

We got given an old computer and desk when we moved into the house, but the desktop pc is getting old and slow now; so we got a new laptop as there was an offer on at the time, and it means if we go away for a weekend or anything I can still do the odd bit of work, or be in the lounge while Lily is asleep and not have to worry about leaving her.

Some of Lily's toys helping me do some work!

Some of Lily’s toys helping me do some work!

Matt wanted to get an iPad for ages, but after seeing the price and reading some reviews we found that it might not be suitable as you can’t watch videos on them etc. unless you’ve paid for them from the Itunes store, so after checking out some Acer tablet reviews we decided on an Acer Iconia A1 as we wanted an android tablet and there were some good deals on Acer tablets at the time.

Anyway, enough of me ranting about tablets, here’s how I spend my day!

-I take care of an extra child.
When I say that I take care of another child I mean I look after someone else’s offspring while they are busy at day or night time. Although it requires some extra effort, it also allows me to have an extra source of income while I blog and execute the items written in my list of things to do. I should add that as I maximize the use of my time I also earn a nice fee. I advertise my services in many ways and the best one comes from satisfied parents who tell other parents how it effective my work is. This is how I make sure I always have something on my plate in this regard.

I take care of other people’s pets.
I really enjoy animals and my routine as a parent blogger includes taking care of my neighbours dogs and cats because they are usually very busy and on the go. I even leverage my exercise time because as I take a walk I also charge to walk people’s pets as often as I wish. Since I love animals their owners know they are in good hands and are always willing to pay for my quality services.

My computer is my best tool.
Although most of the things I do add an extra source of cash to my household income I never lose sight of my main activities and they can be usually performed by using a computer. By eliminating time wasting habits such as playing games and watching movies I usually search for jobs I can do offline or online. Some of my different roles as a freelance worker are:
– Essay writer.
– Virtual assistant.
– Blogger.
– Bookkeeper.
– Editor.
Although this is not a complete list I make sure I research beforehand the companies I will work with and for many good reasons. After providing quality work the most important thing is getting paid so avoiding being scammed is sound advice.
Parties at home

My routine as a parent blogger includes inviting my friends who love to buy a lot to parties hosted at my house. In this way I can present any suitable and profitable product in a relaxing and comfortable environment. People feel at ease and in this way they can appreciate what I’m offering ; if my offer is not expensive and it’s made with the utmost quality then they will not only buy but will also recommend me to their friends. As I mentioned before word of mouth advertising is how I keep my house full of friends and customers at the same time and as often as I want. I should also add that it is a fantastic way to form new and interesting acquaintances.

I make and sell my own things.
I consider myself as a creative person and at the same time I’m a practical individual which is why I make a considerable amount of cash when I sell and promote the items I create. I will show you a brief list of some of the things I make next:
– Bags.
– Clothes.
– Scarves
– Picture frames.
– Christmas decorations.

I deliver newspapers.
My routine as a parent blogger includes a lot of fun and a variety of activities which is why I make a little extra money early in the morning by delivering the paper to my neighbours.

I contribute to focus groups quite often.
The online world is a marvel and since I know there are many companies looking to know what I think and like I participate in focus groups. After I follow the appropriate procedures my profit is around £30-50 just by answering a small number of questions.

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