How can stay at home mums make extra cash?

Every stay at home mum would love the opportunity to do something on the side that would make them that extra buck. Lucky for them, there are numerous options that allow mums to work from home while still looking after their families. Here are just a few of these options for mums who would love to make money while working from home.

  1. Parent other people’s children

A stay at home mum already has plenty of experience in raising children and have all what it takes to give children the best possible care.

The truth of the matter is that most baby sitters usually do not have children of their own and can quite often get overwhelmed with the whole task of taking care of kids.

Most parents’ nowadays prefer stay at home mums over baby sitters because of their experience. This therefore means that as a stay at home mum you can offer your parenting skills for a small fee.

You can be sure that you will find clients because most parents who have to work want to leave their child in a ‘homely’ environment as opposed to an authoritarian atmosphere like the one at a daycare.

The best thing about this way of making money is that you will also have other children around your own and this is a definite plus.

If you do a really good job, news about your exceptional services will spread and you will always have work to do.

Make Good Use of Your Talents

There is no single person out there that does not have a talent or two. It’s just a fact of life. Aside from being an excellent homemaker, there really is something out there that you as a stay at home mum can and of which you are excellent at.

If you are still unsure just what your talent is, think about what you do that gives you that immense feeling of fulfillment and joy.

Your talent also lies in what other people around you tell you are good at. Your talent could include knitting, baking, cooking, teaching, dancing etc. The list of things you could be talented at are truly endless. Why not make something and sell it on ebay?

Once you identify your talent, the rest is easy. You only need sell your skills to the right audience and offer to teach or create things for which you get paid.

Self-belief is important if you want to make money through the use of your talents. If you actually believe that you can produce something great other people will believe it as well. Once you work with your first client be sure to tell them to share their experience with other people and do your part to market your talent whichever way you can.


  1. Work As An Event Planner

Ever think of yourself as a people’s person and are great at planning functions and events? You can actually use such skills to make money on the side.

If you really feel that you have it in you to plan exquisite and fun events you can advertise your skills and you will quickly become the person to whom people turn when they need an event or function put together.

By nature events bring together large numbers of people and this means that many people will see the work of your hands. If it’s really good you can expect call backs in the near future.

  1. Look After Pets

Almost every home has a pet or two as part of the family. Every pet owner always wants the best possible care for their pets and sometimes because of their busy schedules they can’t afford to give much time looking after them.

As a stay at home that’s where you come in. You can offer to walk other people’s dogs as this is something that dogs need. If you are already a pet lover even better because you will be making money doing something that you absolutely love.

A satisfied and happy pet owner will most definitely spread word about your good services and you can be sure of referrals as time goes by.

  1. Get Started Doing Online Jobs

As a stay-at-home mum, you most likely have access to a computer and internet access. The good news is that you only need these two things to start earning money online. Of course, you also have to sit down and work so that means you will also have to invest a bit of time. Some who want to earn money online/geld im internet verdienen, will look into various ways on how this can fit around them, and for a few, trading can be at the top of their list, amongst other beneficial jobs.

Much as you are a stay-at-home mum and have quite a lot to do around the home, you can purposely set aside a few hours in your day to sit and work. Online jobs are as real as office jobs and tasks include web designing, article writing, editing, affiliate marketing, or working as a virtual assistant. Even if you are not quite sure how to do such jobs, the good news is that you can research the job descriptions over the internet and improve your skills. It’s important to mention that there are a lot of internet scams that offer gullible mums get rich quick schemes and you, therefore, have to be careful before settling on any one specific job.

  1. Turn Your Love for fun Into a Money Making Venture

Playing games at an online casino is always a fun experience, and you may strike it lucky. Everyone harbours dreams winning big someway somehow. And so do stay at home mums. Every single person out there has dreams of purchasing their dream house or taking a month long vacation. If as a stay at home mum you have ever had such dreams, you can validate them by playing bingo online or the lottery.

The good news about playing online bingo is that you can do this from the comfort of your home.

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