Hosting The Perfect Baby Shower on a Budget

If you have been put in charge of hosting a baby shower then you have quite a big responsibility on your shoulders. In a mum to be’s life a baby shower is quite the social occasion, especially as they probably haven’t been able to socialise much during their pregnancy. So, it is important that you get things right.

It can be easy to assume that in order to host the perfect baby shower you need to spend a fortune, but that is not the case at all. In fact there are many ways you can save money without having to cut corners too much.

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The Venue

Rather than spend money hiring a venue, why not look at hosting the baby shower in someone’s home? Venues can be expensive and for something like a baby shower are not really needed. As a baby shower is about family and love, having it within the comforting compounds of a home can be a really nice touch.


The Catering

The type of catering that you offer up for  the day really depends on what type of baby shower you are arranging. One good idea could be to ask everyone to bring a dish for the day. This helps to keep the cost down as well as make sure there are a variety of dishes on the day. You could assign people sweet and savoury dishes so that you get a good mix of food.

The Games

Party games for a baby shower don’t need to be expensive. Guess the flavour of the baby food is a pretty good game and only takes you buying a few jars of baby food to set up. You could also ask people to bring in photos of themselves when they were a  baby and match this up to the adults in the room. Musical chairs, pin the nappy on the baby and pass the parcel are all popular party games for an event like this too.

The Rest of The Day

The Baby Box Company specialise in baby gifts and hampers. They recommend setting up a gift list for what to buy the baby. Having a baby is expensive and most guests would rather buy something that mum or baby needs rather than it go to waste. That said it can be nice to splash out on a baby hamper or other gift too, so maybe as the organiser you could get everyone to put in a few pounds to make this happen too.

The important thing to remember is that everyone attending just  wants to have a good time. It isn’t about how much money you have spent, but instead what you do to ensure that everyone is kept entertained. The mum to be will appreciate all of your efforts, so don’t worry too much about going overboard on spending. Instead set yourself a sensible budget, make a checklist and check off items as you have them arranged. This will help to make sure that you are kept on track.

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