Helping Pets Settle-in at Your New Home

The behaviour of your pets may reflect how distressed you are, but generally, if you’re excited about moving in, they’ll be too. For instance, if your cat has shown signs of stress or anxiety throughout the move, it may have to be prevented from venturing into your new home, because it may have been overwhelmed by how chaotic and busy your lives have become.

If your cat doesn’t seem to mind the move, it could be because it knew it was coming all along. However, it’s more likely that you’re transitioning, and the cat hasn’t noticed. When your pet senses you’re upset, it may take cues from your behaviour. When you’re upset and overly stressed, you may get irritated when your cat nips at you or sits in your lap.

For instance, in 2011, we had a pet sitter come by while we were house-hunting and move-in-ready. She lived in the neighbourhood where we were going to move, and brought her dog with her to help us get settled. This proved to be a bad idea. The cat went into a vicious rage. The sitter and her dog had to quickly leave.

How to Help a Pet Settle-In

If you’re stressed and anxious when you’re home alone, it could be because you can’t stand to be alone. Your pet can sense this, and it’s likely that it won’t be able to relax or feel safe. When you’re settling in to a new home, your pet may behave differently, too. Because it already knows where its food is and how to find its water, it won’t have a solid reason to go anywhere. When you’re upset and anxious, it may do anything to avoid being alone. Taking the stress out of the equation can be something to consider. You might want to explore ways of de-stressing yourself through whatever therapy feels most comfortable to you, and also consider using therapeutic CBD oil from brands like Sana Botanicals that create them especially for your pet to ease some of that anxiety and make them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

If you have a dog that doesn’t seem to know how to go to bed, it could be because it thinks your new home is full of new and unfamiliar things, and maybe that you want it to explore it. Maybe, you can drop additional hints that lead to their bed. This way, they can find a way to their safe place, that is their bed. If your dog doesn’t behave appropriately at home, it might be because you’re anxious, and that anxiety is changing your pet’s behaviour. Giving your pet something you can find here on this CBD store could help them calm down and relax, which in turn could help them sleep.

Most often, a pet will be worried if it’s out of its normal routine. Think of the mixture of excitement and possible anxiety when you explore new gambling sites. That’s probably how your pets feel. Often, when you’re worried about something, your pet gets worried, too. Also, some dogs may exhibit fear if you’re upset or stressed about something, but not necessarily when you’re home alone. If your pet’s fear is increased during transition and worrying about the environment, it’s probably because you’re upset and anxious, and the pet doesn’t know how to deal with it.

We’ve noticed this with our pets, too. While it’s really great that our dogs’ world is expanding so much, we’re also super anxious about what it means for our pet’s world.

One of the ways we’ve helped our pets feel comfortable is by having them check-in at our vet clinic once or twice a month, or even a couple of times a week. This helps the dog know that it’s okay to visit at home. When it checks in with the vet clinic staff, the dog is comforted by being able to return to the routine and the familiarity.

We’ve noticed the improvement in our dog’s behaviour immediately. Just having her check-in with us has helped her feel better.

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