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Helping Your Child During and After Divorce


You didn’t enter your marriage thinking that it would end in divorce.While you learn to deal with all of the emotions and massive changes, you must also be prepared to assist your children in adjusting to the divorce and make a conscious effort to prepare and support them through the process. This challenging new family dynamic and how your children respond to it, is dependent upon how you co-parent and treat one another both during and after the divorce is final. Your marriage may have ended, but your roles and responsibilities as loving parents will not.

Here are some tips that will help your children remain emotionally healthy before, during and after your divorce.

Never Put your Children in the Middle

Putting your children first is certainly the most important things to do when going through a divorce. To ensure that the emotional needs of your children are met means understanding that your child has two parents even if you are no longer one. Children need to understand that the love you both have for them has not changed and they should never have to be burdened by the adult situation that the two of you have created. They should not be the confidant or the friend during this situation because nothing that has happened between the two of you is their fault. Assure them that it is expected that they will love and respect both of you equally.

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Communication is the Highest Priority

Communicating, compromising and choosing your battles wisely is difficult but for the sake of your children you must determine the best method to communicate and make sure the lines of communication remain open. Communication should not just be clear with the other parent, but also must be clear and consistent with the children. Even if you are not together, you must know how to problem solve together and the children still must be raised understanding there are rules and boundaries. The focus is not on the failed marriage but the parenting of your child is priority.

Do Not Fight or Argue in Front of Your Child

Damaging a child emotionally and causing long term effects will happen if you allow conflict and chaos to be all your child knows. Even if you and the other parent are not in a good place, your children deserve peace and should not be subjected to your negative views of one another. This not only can impact them as children, but also into adulthood as they begin relationships of their own. Your children should know that even if a relationship doesn’t work, you are still able to maintain and develop loving and healthy relationships.

Use Help from the Outside

Attorney David Stein of Liaise Solutions recommends divorce mediation and seeing a co-parenting counselor that can assist you in how you can resolve the divorce without allowing the bitterness you may feel towards each other to ruin the emotional health and happiness of your children. Experienced San Francisco divorce mediation is simply working with someone experienced who will assist you in settling custody and parenting disputes quickly. The best thing to do for your children is allow someone to assist you both in coming to an agreement that is healthy and positive. A mediator can help you create a parenting plan that is well thought out so that it meets the needs of both parties.

Life as everyone knew it changes significantly during the divorce and long after it has ended, so focus on raising healthy and happy children and creating the best co-parenting situation for them.


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