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Helpful Tips and Advice for New Mums and Dads

No matter how much you read or how well you plan, welcoming your first child into the world can be overwhelming. You can, however, take some steps to be prepared so that when issues arise, you’re ready to meet them.

Quick, Healthy Food for the Whole Family

Image courtesy of johnhopephotography/

Image courtesy of johnhopephotography/

When your little one arrives, you won’t have much time to think about planning healthy meals, but Mum and Dad still need to eat well, as does your new baby. When shopping for groceries, begin thinking about foods that are healthy but easy to grab on the go. Fresh fruits and vegetables make great, wholesome snacks and can be easily packed in a purse or personal cooler to take to work or on errands around town. Once your baby arrives, keeping healthy snacks in the kitchen will help you resist the urge to fill up on junk food or order takeout every evening. A few great options to keep on hand include:

  • Raw almonds
  • Fresh sugar snap peas
  • Baby carrots
  • Apples
  • Fresh fruit in season
  • Dried fruit
  • Whole grain crackers

For meals, plan menus that are quick and easy to prepare. Breakfast smoothies made with your choice of fresh or frozen fruit, plain yogurt and a few ice cubes can be blended quickly for a nutritious meal on the go. For healthy dinners, a crock pot can become a new parent’s best friend.

Commemorate the Occasion
Hey, you (or your wife) have just spent 9 months bringing new life into the world, you deserve to have a little celebration! Eat those foods you had to forego for the baby’s sake, have a gathering with the family, sit down and have a little break before the rest of your life begins.

And don’t forget to take lots of photos, not just for memories but to show around to the family who can’t make it to the celebration. Some people like to have their photos taken specially by newborn photography Portland cameramen, there’s no better way to make the in-laws jealous of your accomplishments.

Providing for Your Baby’s Future
Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life, and making preparations in case the unthinkable happens can set your mind at ease. It’s important to get things like a family healthcare plan set up so that you can have all expenses covered should your baby become unwell.

One of the best ways to prepare for your child’s future is by purchasing a life insurance policy from a provider like Final Expense Direct. This means that should any kind of tragedy befall you then they will have a sum of money to provide for them when you are no longer there for them. Carefully consider the contributions both parents make to the family budget, and choose a policy that will provide for your child’s wellbeing. Getting great rates on these policies can be accomplished by comparing life insurance providers online to find the most competitive one for your budget.

Taking Care of Yourself
Although there’s no way to avoid the sleepless nights that come with parenthood, it’s vitally important that parents do not neglect self-care. Many new mothers get so overwhelmed with caring for their babies that they forget to take showers, while many new fathers have been caught dozing off at work after several sleepless nights spent walking the floor with a colicky baby. Other new parents pack on the pounds because they skip sessions at the gym or give up trying to eat right when convenient fast-food options are presented. To ward off these hazards, try a few of the following tips:

  • Take turns getting up with the baby rather than both of you staying up all night
  • Schedule time at the gym while the other parent watches your little one, or go together and leave the baby in the gym’s nursery
  • Take your shower during the baby’s morning nap
  • Double recipes or prepare meals in advance so all you have to do is heat and eat when you have a particularly busy day

Of course you’ll have concerns, as every parent does, but remember that being prepared will help. Meanwhile, what preparation doesn’t cover can best be faced with a healthy dose of flexibility. Congratulations on your new baby – parenthood is going to be an incredible adventure!

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