Help! The Baby Is Coming Early! How To Cope With A Premature Birth

Being pregnant can be so wonderful and so horrible at the same time! Emotional turmoil and delight seem to battle one another on an almost daily basis. The baby’s kicking can be special little reminders that he is doing fine, and also incessant at keeping you awake all night long! But a pregnancy can be absolutely terrifying when you realise your baby is coming early.

From blossoming bliss to frightening nightmare in just a few contractions. When your baby decides he needs to come out early, there is sometimes absolutely nothing you can do about it. But as soon as he is out, and you hear that cry for the first time, you know he is going to be ok. The relief that your premature baby has made it out safe and sound brings its own emotional flood but in the very best of ways.

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 Of course, you are completely unprepared and haven’t a clue how you are going to manage. But the baby is safe. And the baby is very tiny! If you had managed to get around to buying some baby bits before his surprise delivery, they are all probably far too big. Nappies for premature babies aren’t too easy to come by. But clothes are nearly impossible very tiny tots!

 If you are looking for premature baby clothes, you may struggle to find any on the high street. Depending how small your little one is, you may have to visit specialist retailers. Your maternity unit should be able to help you on a temporary basis while you get all the bits you need together. Premature babies have very delicate skin and scalps so you must choose the fabrics carefully.

 As tiny baby’s skin can tear very easily, it is important you have a pair of tiny scratch mitts available. Baby will also need a little hat to keep warm, and protect the scalp from damage. Few maternity units will recommend anything but high-quality cotton wool and warm water for cleaning delicate baby skin. However, some very premature babies may need a special cream to protect sensitive areas from chafing on nappies.

 Your little one will, hopefully, grow very quickly and will soon fit the newborn clothes you bought. In the meantime, you will need lots of support from your maternity unit to help you manage feeding and changing. While you may be very worried, you must also take care of yourself at this difficult time. Your body will be going through many changes so be sure to eat well and rest as much as you possibly can.

 Having a baby prematurely can be very frightening and distressing. You may need some emotional support from your family and friends. Don’t be too quick to refuse medical help if you are feeling particularly upset by what has happened. Having a baby at any time can be quite traumatic, but under difficult circumstances you can be emotionally drained very easily. While some premature babies find growing up to be difficult, most little ones thrive and go on to be very happy, healthy children who have bonded well with their parents.

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