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How To Help Babies Without Giving Birth To Your Own

Not everyone wants to give birth. While some of those people don’t want children at all, there are a great many people that want kids and can’t have them, or simply enjoy sharing their time with little ones, whether it’s in their own homes or not.


For people that either can’t or don’t want to have children, but love the smell of a baby’s head or cooing to little ones, there are still things that you can do. You can give your love to babies that are already here without giving birth to your own.

Become A Nanny

Yeah, you can babysit from the time you’re a teenager, and maybe even run your own daycare out of your house when you get older. But in that type of child care situation you’re more likely to see children constantly coming and going. If you want to take care of someone else’s kids, but feel like you are more a part of their lives, become a nanny.

While in most places if you have experience with babies and children you can become a nanny without any major credentials, it’s helpful to have some training. Not only do you want to take things like CPR classes, but you may also want to take a class in newborn care.

Work In The Prenatal Wing

If you do prefer the chance to help as many little ones as possible, maybe you’d be best working in the prenatal wing of a hospital. Becoming a nurse can be a very rewarding career in general, but working with the little ones, healthy or not so healthy, can be even more rewarding.

For this job you will definitely need to get some training. That will depend on exactly what you want to be. Being a doctor will take more schooling than nursing.

Be A Foster Parent

If you enjoy the sounds of little feet in your home and you enjoy the cries of a baby in the night to give you something to make your life feel worthwhile, maybe you should consider being a foster parent. This gives you the option of to help children in need, open your home up to them, but not really have the permanency of having your own children.

Look Into Adoption

If you decided that you do like the permanency of children in your home, you can also consider adoption. Adoption helps take care of the kids already in the world that don’t have their own families, whether it’s due to death, abuse, or something else.

All children need love, and a family, and you can adopt children from all over the world. This way you can get the joy of having and raising a baby without actually giving birth to one!


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