Healthy living ideas for a family

With obesity levels continuing to rise at an unabated rate (even amongst really young people), it is now more important than ever to ensure every family member is living a healthy lifestyle. A few simple changes can make a world of difference and ensure they enjoy a happier, more active life.

Diet and exercise

It is hardly groundbreaking news, but a good diet and regular exercise are crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Even if it is only taking a daily walk, getting up and being active will help make a huge difference to both the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone in the family. Studies have shown that exercise releases dopamine, which improves the mood and can play an important role in fighting depression.

family bikes

Research has also shown that exercise can have an impact on the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, highlighting the need to keep all family members physically active in some way or other, even if they are elderly or suffering from ill health. Encouraging each family member to either take up a new sport or to exercise as a group, is a great way to encourage reluctant individuals to participate. Purchasing a treadmill for the home may also help, especially if certain family members are self-conscious about exercising in public.

Drinking lots of water and avoiding eating greasy, take-away type foods, is also highly recommended. Many people are unaware of the high calorie and sugar content of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, so it is important to educate family members about the true health implications of what they consume. Most foods and drinks now display labels indicating the quantity of salt, sugar and fat they contain, which makes it easy to see what is healthy or unhealthy and simplifying the process of enjoying a balanced diet.

The home

Changes to the home environment can also make a big difference to how happy and healthy family members are. The symptoms of hay fever spoil the summer months for many children, causing them to remain indoors, rubbing sore eyes, when they should be outside playing and exercising.

Dust allergies also cause similar problems. These issues can be fought by encouraging youngsters to rinse off under the shower whenever they have been outside and by regularly changing their clothes or even installing some good quality Window Shutters in the house. These steps reduce the amount of dust and pollen they bring into the home environment and limit how much other family members come into contact with it. Equally, cutting down on the locations where dust can gather is an effective tactic. Installing items such as smooth, fabric-free, plantation shutters, and regularly cleaning surfaces in the home where dust and pollen can settle, will make a significant difference to how badly allergy suffers are affected. Also, you should consider keeping your air ducts clean, otherwise, the dirt buildup can pollute your indoor air quality. Hiring services that can do the best air duct cleaning in atlanta (or where you live) can make a huge difference in the air you breathe. Your home AC unit can also keep the dust and allergens out through continuous air circulation. It can also maintain indoor air quality. So, ensure that your air conditioner is kept well by having an annual tune-up. If your unit is too old to maintain, consider replacing it with the help of companies like Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. / HVAC technician you trust.

Many people also underestimate the importance of clean fresh air in the home. Air can quickly become stagnant and fill with unpleasant particles thrown up by day-to-day activities like vacuuming and cooking.

Excessive moisture in the air can also cause mould and damp problems. While establishing through-draughts and leaving doors and windows open can be beneficial, these steps are often impractical. An air purification unit, combined with a dehumidifier, will clean the air in the home, ensuring asthma sufferers, along with everyone else in the home, reaps the benefit of breathing uncontaminated fresh air.

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