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Health and Social Care: What Are the Main Areas of Study?

The Health and Social Care NVQ qualification is one of the most popular for mothers who are returning to work after raising a young child. It can open doors for a wide variety of job opportunities, which makes it very useful if you’ve not decided for sure what you’d like to do when you return to the world of work, but if you do know that you’d like to make your living out of helping other people.

There are different levels of this qualification; levels 1, 2 and 3, and for the third one you will need to be in a relevant place of employment. However, the general areas of study are quite similar between them all – each increasing level goes into further detail.

Communication and Personalisation

No two people are ever the same, which means that the care is never going to be the same for everyone either. In order to be successful at any level of Health and Social Care qualifications, you will need to show that you understand how to deal with people with a variety of different needs and demands.

You may also need to understand what to do in the case that you encounter a care requirement that you’re unfamiliar with. Central to all of this is of course communication, which is vital to being successful. You’ll learn additional skills and techniques to make sure that patients, clients and customers are comfortable with you.

Laws and Regulations

This is likely to be the area in which prospective students will need the most education, because there can be a great deal to learn. This is especially relevant to those who are looking to become social workers and other government officers. You’ll need to know exactly what standards of living people are entitled to, what you can do to help them, and exactly how all of this works within the framework of the law. In some cases you may need to understand legal processes too.

Health and Hygiene

Of course, working in this sector you’ll need to understand the basics of healthcare. This will include minor things like some first aid, but also things like nutrition, and the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. It is from here that you may wish to branch out into more specialised healthcare roles – with some people who have this qualification going on to become nurses and doctors

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