Health And Fitness Games for Children

The words aerobics and isometrics may sound like Greek and Latin to children, but there is one word that they really understand well and that is fun.

If your aim is to get your children to enjoy better health, then you must make exercise a fun activity. This can be easily accomplished by making your children engage themselves in health and fitness games such as water aerobic exercises, crab soccer, wheelbarrow race and penny balance.


Water Aerobic Exercises

Water aerobic exercises are a fantastic way to boost children’s physical health. They offer a chance to enhance cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength in a gentle, low-impact setting. Plus, being in the water helps keep the body cool and lowers the risk of injuries.

You can bring your kids to a nearby swimming pool where they can enjoy these water-based activities and get healthier. Alternatively, if you have enough space in your backyard, you might consider having one built at your home with the help of a swimming pool contractor in rockwall texas, or wherever you’re located. A private pool can offer a space for your kids to swim, play, and get some exercise. It also creates a wonderful opportunity for quality time with family and friends.

Crab Soccer

Crab soccer is a game that is played by a big group of children and it provides good workout for their legs and arms. Though the game is played just like soccer, children will have to move around the ground in crab-walk posture using their feet and hands and with their bodies facing upward.

Of course, a regular soccer ball can be made use of for the game, but a big and inflated ball will make it more thrilling for the children. You have to form two groups or teams having equal number of children. The aim of each team is to kick the ball into the other team’s goal post. Goal posts for the teams and the field’s four corners can be marked using cones. The winner is decided on the basis of the number of goals scored and the team that scores the highest is the winner.

Wheelbarrow Race

The wheelbarrow race is helpful in building the strength of the upper body of the children and also providing a cardio workout. Segregate a group of children into pairs in order to get them to play this game. Get one child of each pair of children to assume the push-up position and ask the other child to stand behind the first.

The child standing behind has to lift the leg of the other child in push-position by grabbing the ankles. The race can be started from a specified start line. The child in the push-up position uses his/her hands to move forward. The children holding the ankles of children in push-up position help them to move as if they are wheelbarrows. After reaching a designated point, the children reverse their roles and race back to the stat line. The winning team is the first pair that returns to the starting point.

Penny Balance

This game helps the children improve their balance as well as the strength of their legs. You need to have one penny to give to each children participating in the game. You can ask each child to raise one knee and then place a penny on it. Once the penny is placed on their knees, they cannot touch them till the game is finished. If the penny falls off the knee, the child loses the game and must move out. The child who keeps the coin for the longest period of time is the winner. For the next round, the children can use the other knee

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