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Great Family Rooms

A family room can be the focal point of the whole house and if it meets the needs of the whole family it means that everyone gets to spend some quality time together.  The first step is to decide on what everyone needs from the room so the input of each person will be needed from the beginning.

Planning is the key

It is important to think about what the room is going to be used for.  Is the room to be somewhere for the family to relax?  Will there need to be a play area for young children?

living room

It is also a good idea to think about the size of the room in the planning stages.  Deciding to give half of the room over as a play area is fine but if the room is fairly small to start with it can feel very cramped with a lot of toys in it.  Work out in advance where everything will need to be and figure out if there is enough space.

Family room decoration

It is a good idea to keep the decor fairly simple in a family room although some consideration will be needed on the type of paint and wallpaper to be used.  If the children are to use it as a playroom then it is essential that the paint and wallpaper are washable.  This ensures that the room can be kept looking as good as new for longer.

Flooring is also an important feature of the room.  Carpets are appealing, as they are warm and soft, but if the room is to have a lot of use they will soon appear worn and dirty; no matter how often they are vacuumed.  Consider instead fitting wooden flooring. This is also warm and easy to clean.

Family room furniture

 If space is at a premium then it is a good idea to think about providing adequate storage.  If there is to be a play area in the family room then storage will be needed for toys and books for the children, as well as storage for the parents’ paraphernalia.  Keeping clutter to a minimum can help to give the impression of more space and make it seem more welcoming.

Other furniture might include a sofa and armchairs.  These are essential if the room is for the family to relax in together.  If the room is to have one, arrange the seating area around the TV, if not it can be arranged with another focal point, such as a fireplace.  Dining table sets should also be considered if the room is large enough.  If not there are sets that can be folded away to create more space when the table is not needed.

Getting every member of the family involved can also make the task easier.  Older children can help with the decorating and choosing the furniture that is to go into the room, and this will also help them to take more pride in it when the job is completed.




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