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Getting Your Child’s Sleep Schedule Back On Track

It is indeed difficult to get back the children into following the regular school schedule from the lazy summer holiday schedule.

Most often, children stay up late to watch TV during summer, and also end up doing everything else that they want to. Generally, it takes about a month to get them back into a routine, and you are likely to face some challenges. Here is a checklist that has been put together help you to make a smooth transition into starting the regular school routine for your children.

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The most important point that needs mention is the time that you have to give both yourself and the children: the time required by you to set up a new schedule and the time required by the children to fall into the new bedtimes and waking-up schedules.

Plan in Advance: As an adult you may need up to two weeks to adjust to a new schedule. Give yourself this time allowance; your children may take a little longer to adjust.

Fix Their Sleep Hygiene: The summer heat can linger for a good few weeks after the holidays have finished, meaning your kid’s rooms might be too hot for them. During school time, this can be a problem because they need to be well-rested, so try visiting an HVAC website to get air conditioning fitted throughout your house. This will bring the nighttime temperature down, making it easier for everyone to sleep.

Rise Early: In the final fortnight before the school reopens, advance your alarm clock by a specific amount of time. Ensure that you wake up at this time and you can further advance the alarm clock by 15 minutes at regular intervals to make a smoother transition.

Go to Bed Early: It is a good idea to get your children to go to bed early as well. You can manage a smoother transition and save yourself a few heated exchanges by promising a treat in return for getting into bed early. They may be allowed to read a book in bed for an extra 10 minutes, only for two nights! Ensure that you remind them every time that the reading time allowance gets over on day three.

Get Back Mealtimes on Track: Meal times also go awry during the summer, much like the sleep schedules. Having meals at a specific time is the first step towards having a sound and healthy sleep. It is a good idea to slowly adjust the timing of the meals prepared to times that they are usually served during school days. It is easier for the children to have their meals at specific times; in addition to dinner, meals during lunchtimes can be served at the same time that it is served at the school.

Maintain a Healthy Activity Schedule: Striving to keep the child active during daytime along with adjusting meal and sleep schedules allows for a smoother transition into the new routine. However, ensure that the activity level is reduced by the evenings so that they are not too excited by dinner time.

Additional Tip: Depending on which part of the country you are staying in, it is possible that the sun is still up in the latter half of the evening. A sleep blindfold or a similar object will be of great help for the child to stick to regular sleep timings in places where light stands in the way of sleep.

In summary, it is important that you adjust yourself to each and every aspect that affects schedules of your children during the transition from summer holiday time to regular school routine

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