Get Back to Your Pre-baby Weight: Tips and Tricks

Having a baby is wonderful, but the weight that you sometimes carry afterwards isn’t. You probably know that your stomach will never be the same, as the muscles have had to stretch in order to hold your baby for 9 months. However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost! With the right attitude and plan, you can get back to your pre-baby weight, and even develop a better shape. Here’s how:


Wait Until You’ve Had The Go Ahead

You need to wait until you’ve had the go ahead from your doctor before you can start exercising. It’s normal to have to wait a month or two before you can start any kind of exercise regime as your body has just been through a big change. You don’t want to put it in any more shock! This will be a gradual process, so just enjoy being a mum for now.

Take Things Slowly

This should be a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. If you want to get skinny ASAP, then you start to believe that better off doing one of those rubbish cleanses (before realising that it doesn’t work, getting confused, depressed, and giving up). This change needs to be sustainable for life, so take things as slowly as you need. If your doctor clears it, you can even start sessions of body contouring treatments from BodySculp Alpharetta or a similar clinic elsewhere. Non-invasive treatments can add to the exercise and help produce faster and long-lasting results.

Eat a Healthy, Natural Diet

Although you can’t exercise straight away, you can practice eating a healthy, natural diet. Fill your diet with lots of veg, fruit, lean meat, and carbohydrates like sweet potato and brown rice. It isn’t all about counting calories you know; it’s more about the ingredients in your food. If you do wish to count calories for fat loss, then you can do this. Just remember, you should never starve yourself or feel lethargic.

Do Some Exercise You Enjoy

When it’s time for you to exercise, find something you enjoy. This could be dancing, swimming, running, or something else. Do a mix to keep things interesting! I love resistance training and weights, as it makes me strong and lean.

Drink Plenty of Water

Lots of water every day will help you in many different ways. Not only will it keep you hydrated, it’ll flush toxins from your body and aid in fat loss. Carry a bottle with you regularly.

Take Supplements

Certain supplements taken with a healthy diet and exercise regime can be an amazing help. Bear in mind that these shouldn’t be taken on their own as a quick fix. Stuff like raspberry ketones and Garcinia Cambogia are said to be helpful. You’re probably thinking, ‘does Garcinia Cambogia HCA extract work for weight loss? Really?’ But if you take it alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan then it can be great.

Keep Going

The important thing to do is be consistent with your eating and workouts. It’s no good doing things sporadically, and only doing a workout here and there while eating a diet full of processed rubbish. If you keep going, there’s no way you can fail!

Follow this advice to be a healthy, fit, and lean mum!

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