Fundamentals For the Pregnant Woman Desperate For Comfort

Pregnancy is no doubt the most uncomfortable time a woman will go through in her life. The stages never seem to end. In the beginning, the hormones start to shift and you realize that Aunt Flo hasn’t stopped by for a while. You begin to wonder if you might be expecting. Once you find out that the stork has undoubtedly dropped off a load, you begin to prepare yourself for the longest 18 years of your life.


As if raging hormonal mood swings aren’t enough, you also have to put up with probing examinations, constant doctors appointments, and the unsettling fact that something with a head as big as a cantaloupe is going to have to come out of you somehow. Despite the rollercoaster of change and the months of discomfort, it’s not all bad. Many women thoroughly enjoy pregnancy.

If you’re in the stages of being uncomfortable all the time because you’ve got what can only be described as a disgruntled alien inside of you that wants to get out, here are some fundamentals you need to help you find comfort in this time of your life:

Get Support in the Right Places

Say sayonara to tight jeans and uncomfortable clothes that succeed in making you look and feel like a bloated whale. This is your time to pull the pajama card without actually pulling the pajama card. You’re a strong, confident, pregnant woman. Just because you’re not going to wear leather and denim doesn’t mean you can’t be cute and comfortable at the same time.

Get clothes that give you the right support in the right places, without cutting off your circulation and limiting your mobility. You’re already limited as it is. Make it easier on yourself by buying clothes that are made for you.

Sleep in the Clouds

Sleeping in the clouds isn’t an activity that is reserved only for angels. In fact, you can have it even better than the angels. (Do they even sleep, anyways?) To increase your comfort during pregnancy, do not go without a memory foam mattress topper for your bed. The foam will hold you where you need to be held and it will make you wonder why you didn’t have it before you got pregnant.

Get The Essentials

Though you’ve already been told the essentials for finding comfort during pregnancy, there’s one last thing you need. That’s essential oils and a diffuser. Your emotions are jumbled, your immune system is jacked, and you desperately need some external help…the essential oils will calm you and give you the boost you need to carry on. Now get all these things, and carry on in comfort!

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