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Four Tips For A More Organized Closet

Do you ever walk into, or open, your closet and step back because it’s such a mess? Or maybe you just get frustrated because you can’t find the shirt you’re looking for. You can really make your closet a more friendly place, and it won’t take a ton of work on your part.


Use The Right Hangers

One important thing to remember when it comes to the clothes that you plan to hang is that you always want to use the right hangers. If you aren’t using the right hangers you just might end up with wrinkled clothes piled on the floor because they keep falling of the hangers. Opt for fabric padded hangers to keep your sweaters from getting indents in the shoulders.

You should be hanging your pants with pant hangers, which can help keep the creases where you want them, and avoid ones where you don’t.

Install An Organizing System

You may want to consider getting a closet organizing system installed to make it easier to keep things where you want them. It will make your closet far more efficient, and can even give the illusion of more space. It could also eliminate the need for a dresser.

There are all sorts of systems, so you can pick what works for you. You can buy something to install on your own, or you can hire a professional company to have a nice sturdy system installed.

Have A Home For Everything

Your organizing system in your closet will also help you ensure there is a place for everything, including shoes. The key is to make sure you put everything back into place after use or after laundry day. A clean closet is a closet with everything in its place.

The homes for your items could also include making sure that shirts are with shirts and pants are with pants, and that you color coordinate the space as well.

Clean Often

You should also be cleaning your closet often. Stinky shoes can smell up your clothes, so make sure you are keeping those clean. You also want to make sure you’re keeping dust out of there. Febreeze is always a great investment.

If you tend to not always wear all of the clothes you own, consider this decluttering technique. Turn all of your hangers backwards, and as you wear your clothing items and put them back in the closet you can put the hangers back in correctly. After six months, donate any clothing that’s still hanging on backward hangers! It’s simple and gets rid of stuff you never wear.

You don’t have to let your closet rule, or ruin, your life. Get organized and then simply stay on top of it.

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