Four Tips For Making Your Home A Safer Place

Children or not, you want your home to be safe for you and whoever else lives there with you, even if it’s just your pets. Home safety can often easily be overlooked, especially if you are renting. Whether or not you own the home you’re in, even if it’s a one room home, you still want to protect yourself and the things you have in your home.


Home safety is fairly simple. Here are a few tips to getting you on the right track.

Keep Valuables In A Safe Place

Find places to store your valuables. While some things are suitable to a safe deposit box in a bank somewhere, there are certain valuables you may want to keep at home. There are all sorts of fake items that can be used to store money, jewelry, hide your wall safe, or even hide your keys in outside.

You never know, even a teenager or an untrustworthy friend can pose a threat to your money. Having a safe, everyday, place to store your purse or wallet could even save you from missing money.

Make Sure It’s Secure From Strangers

If you live in an apartment or are renting a home from someone else you will need to check with your landlord before spending the money to implement a security system, but if you own your own home it’s a wise investment. Even the smallest and safest towns sometimes experience home invasions. You don’t simply want to protect your valuables, you also want to protect yourself and the other living beings inside your home.

Protect Little Ones

Home safety should also revolve around protection of little ones, be they human children or fur babies. Toddlers can get their hands into some dangerous places, so have plug covers and cupboard locks. You may also want to call a company to carry out some Fixed Wire Testing to check the wiring in your home is safe. Make sure you have a toilet lid lock to prevent drowning.

Teach pets not to chew electrical cords, which can pose a fire hazard. Get a sticker for your front door that tells authorities what type of and how many pets you have inside, in case of emergencies like a fire or natural disaster.

Check Your Smoke Detectors

Whether you have one of the old school smoke alarms with normal batteries or you have a lithium one with a longer life, you should still do an alarm check every six months to make sure it’s working. A working smoke alarm can quickly save your life and the lives of everyone else in your household.

It can also be wise to invest in a radon detection device and one that checks for carbon monoxide in your home. People die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year, and it is preventable. It’s a silent killer, and the only way to be sure you’re safe is to buy a detector.


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