Four Things You Can Do With Your DVD’s What You’ve Seen Them

Acquiring affordable DVDs has become remarkably accessible nowadays. Most supermarkets offer bargain bins where you can snag films for just a couple of quid, and online shopping has driven down prices, even for the latest releases. As a result, many of us end up with stacks of DVDs collecting dust around the house.

Perhaps there was a time when you diligently collected movies featuring renowned stars like Jeremy Piven, Tom Cruise, and Julia Roberts in DVD format. However, it’s entirely possible that you may not have the inclination to watch them again. If you’re keen on decluttering, starting with your old DVDs is a great step. The question then arises: what’s the best course of action once you’ve decided to part ways with them?


Give them to a friend

This is one of the best things you can do with your old DVDs. After all, good things come around so it’s a great way of getting a whole load of new films you haven’t seen before without parting with any more cash. You can even set up a sort of lending library with a group of friends, to ensure that you always have lots of new films to watch without spending any more money.

Donate them to charity

This is another great way to share the film love. Donating old films to charities, shelters and hostels means that those who wouldn’t be able to afford to buy new movies can get plenty of entertainment for free. You can also give them to charity shops so that other people can buy them for a bargain price and the charity of your choice gets some much needed cash.

Sell them and make some money

If you are in need of some quick cash then why not sell your old DVDs and Blu-rays? There are online auction sites as well as specialist trading stores or you could even get a pitch at your local car boot sale. DVDs can sell for anything from 1 to over 10, especially if it’s a rare or limited edition film that can be difficult to find anywhere else. There are plenty of places out there where you can sell your DVDs. Some organisations will recycle your old DVDs and pay you to do it. They will cover your shipping too so it’s a fantastic way of clearing some space and earning some money at the same time.

Turn them into something new

Of course you can also recycle your old DVDs yourself, especially if you have a bit of a creative streak. Old DVDs are a great material to use in a variety of different craft projects. You can turn them into disco balls, jewellery, even party decorations if you wish. Gardeners often use old DVDs and CDs to scare the birds away from their crops too. In fact there are almost countless ways to re-purpose your old DVDs, preventing them from going into landfill where they will take centuries to biodegrade.

Joanna Spurling is a decluttering expert and enjoys finding creative ways to re-purpose old items into something new. There are lots of ways to recycle your unwanted possessions and when you sell your old DVDs you can even make a bit of extra money too.

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