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Five Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Warmer Weather

When spring is in the air it’s time to start doing some spring cleaning around the house. For some people with will be a somewhat painful endeavor, after letting everything go all winter long. However, it’s a nice healthy thing to do after your home has sat stagnant and bottled up for so long.

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Let Some Fresh Air In

Start out by opening your windows up and letting some fresh air in, the moment the temperature outdoors allows it, anyway. That fresh air will do your home, you mood, and your lungs wonders. The air in your home is stagnant, and maybe you even noticed some funky smells that you hadn’t thought were there in the past.

When a home stays shut up for a while and doesn’t get much circulation going through it, it gets stagnant and odors can build up. By let some fresh air flow through you can get your home a nice freshness it hasn’t had in months.

Check The Air Conditioner

Having a properly working air conditioner during warmer weather is a blessing in disguise. Air conditioning units can maintain the indoor moisture and temperature level, keeping you comfortable all day long. If your AC unit is not maintained or needs any repair, contact a professional from reputed a HVAC company like immediately.

Freshen The Air

While some fresh air from outside will help clear away the stagnant air, you may also want to invest in an air purifier. This will help you keep the allergens out of the air even when it’s hard to find time to dust. You’ll also be removing toxin from cleaners and more.

Out With The Old

One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of the clutter. These are the things you don’t need anymore and haven’t used in months. Why store stuff that is serving no purpose in your life?

Set up a box for donations, something to toss trash in, and a box that you can put stuff in that just needs to be rehomed within your home. Put anything that you no longer want or need, but could be used by someone else in the donation box, and toss stuff that no one else could use. Then, make sure you quickly find new homes for the things you’re keeping.

Get Rid Of That Dust

Dust is building up in your home on a daily basis. It’s filled with things like pet hair, lint, and even human skin (gross). Make sure you do a really good dusting when it comes to spring cleaning, especially if it’s been a while. This means moving things around to get to the dust too.

Cleaning Under Things

Speaking of moving things around; when was the last time you cleaned behind your refrigerator or your oven. It’s frightening to imagine what moldy bits you might find when you do move them. Those are causing even more allergens in your air, so move around everything for spring cleaning, including dressers and beds.

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