Five Tips For Streamlining The Moving Process

Moving sucks. You have to pack up stuff just to unpack it at the next place. You spent years finding the perfect places for the things you own only to pack them up and move them on. Moving is inevitable sometimes though.

Room Of Cardboard Boxes for Moving House

Even though moving can be a pain, and is extremely annoying most of the time, there are ways that you can make it easier. When you moved into your currently place it may have just been two of you, and now there may be three or more. Make it easy on yourself and use these tips for moving all of that stuff you’ve acquired over the years.

You Could Hire Some Movers

The easiest way to move, albeit the most expensive, is to hire someone else to do it all for you. You can hire a moving company that will pack and wrap all of your belongings, load them all onto a moving truck and transport them to your new place, and unload all the boxes and furniture too. You’ll still have to unpack all the cardboard boxes, but you’re the one that know where everything goes. When you are finished with the boxes, would buy them from you for cash so dont throw cardboard away.

It May Be Cheaper To Enlist Some Friend

If hiring a do-it-all moving company is out of your price range, you may want to enlist some much cheaper friends to help you out. Most friends will be willing to help you move for free, although you still want to make sure you do something to thank for for their help.

Make Unpacking Easier By Packing Per Room

If you pack your belongings wisely it will take less work out of your unpacking. One step that will help is to pack by room. Don’t pack kitchen items with bathroom items, or bedroom stuff with dining room things. Put which room the box goes into in big bold black marker letters on top of the box.

This way you don’t even need to open the box until it’s in the right room, where you can then easily put everything into its place. This will also help you find the things you need now more quickly, like your deodorant and toilet paper.

Wrap Breakables Well

There is nothing worse when unpacking than cutting yourself on a broken China dish that had been in your family for decades. You can never over wrap your important breakables. Stock up on bubble wrap and make sure to pack boxes snug so breakables aren’t moving around.

Get The Right Size Moving Truck

Just as important as the rest of these tips are, you also want to make sure that you get the right size moving truck. It can take a lot of stress off the entire family if you can move everything in one fail swoop. Pick one that is conducive to the size of home you have, one bedroom to five bedrooms.

Make sure you let the kids help when it comes time to unpacking, if you have a family. It will take some of the stress off of you if they deal with their own rooms!

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