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Five Step Guide To Creating A Safe Home For Your Children

Most parents are constantly running around after their kids trying to prevent them from touching and biting various dangerous items in their homes. It can be very physically and mentally draining! However, there are measures you can take to ensure your home is a safe place for your children. With this peace of mind, your children will be able to explore with a little more independence, while you put your feet up!

Step 1: Baby proof

If your children are very young, no doubt you will have baby-proofed your home or started to plan this task. Baby proofing kits or individual products can be purchased supermarkets, hardware stores, baby shops and online. A typical set will include plug protectors, door knob coverings, locks for swing doors (such as the fridge) and soft covers for the corners of your furniture. These packs are usually very affordable but do check reviews from previous customers before you buy. As part of your baby proofing project, you may wish to get a few child gates to restrict access to certain rooms.

Step 2: Audit home

Although your baby proofing kit will help make your home safe for your children, every house is different, so there isn’t a one size fits all. After you have baby-proofed your home, take a pad and pen and go around your house noting any other areas that pose a risk to your little ones. Once you have done this, next to each risk you have spotted write down what you will do to minimize it. For example, do you have plant pots down low that your child could knock over? If so, these should be moved out of reach.

Step 3: Invest in storage

If you don’t have a lot of cupboard space in your home, you’ll probably need to think about storage solutions for all the extra belongings that you now have. This will prevent your children (and you) from tripping over stray clothes and toys, and it will just make life easier for you if everything can be tidied away nicely.


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Step 4: Deal with pests

If you know or suspect you have a pest problem you may wish to have a look at this website for control services. It’s important to deal with these problems as soon as you notice them. If left uncontrolled, this will result in unhygienic and uncomfortable living conditions. And it could lead to health problems for your family.

Step 5: Cleaning rota

It is a good idea to create a cleaning rota for you, your partner and any other adults living in the household. Young children use their hands and mouth to explore, so it is important that your surfaces and floor are kept as clean as possible. I think once or twice a week would be sufficient. This also gives you the chance to tidy things up in general and assess whether any new hazards have cropped up.

I hope these steps help you to create a safe environment for your children.


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