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Five Gadgets New Parents Can’t Live Without

The pre-parenthood days probably seem like a magical idyll once your baby arrives. You look back wistfully, remembering the Sunday morning lie-ins and nights of unbroken sleep, all the meals you ate out and the uncluttered home you enjoyed. Having a baby changes everything. Your life is no longer your own and a small person requires attention 24/7. Of course you know that this stage won’t last forever, but for now you want to find anything you can to make things a bit easier. So what five gadgets are essential for new parents?

A Bouncing Baby Seat

In the early weeks, a baby bouncy seat is a godsend. Newborn babies can’t sit up unaided and you certainly can’t leave them propped up on the sofa. You could carry your newborn around in a baby sling, but that’s not practical either because at some point you will need to have a shower or cook food. A baby bouncy seat is ideal for young babies. The seat provides plenty of safe, secure support, but if the baby begins to wiggle about, the chair moves and ‘bounces’, which is soothing and amusing at the same time. You can even attach toys to the chair for visual stimulation.

Baby Slings

Babies love to be close to their parents. They crave physical closeness and a crying baby will often be soothed to sleep if they are cradled next to the warm, cushiony soft chest of their mother. Baby slings come in many different styles, with some having the baby face outwards, but the most common design cradles the baby facing the parent or carer. When buying a baby sling, look for a design you can put on and take off easily.

Audio and Video Monitoring System

You can’t watch your baby 24/7, so some kind of baby monitoring device is essential. Audio listening devices are great for when your baby’s nursery is too far away from the main living areas for you to be able to hear them wake up and start crying. Video monitoring systems take this one step further by providing a closed-circuit TV picture of your baby’s room – or any other room you wish to monitor. This will provide great peace of mind if you are a nervous parent; or you don’t trust your nanny or au pair.

White Noise Machine

One of the pressures of parenthood is that young babies don’t always have great sleep patterns. Sometimes rocking your baby or feeding them will be enough to send them into the land of nod, but if your baby struggles to sleep, a white noise machine could be just the ticket. Instead of screaming for hours, they can enjoy listening to the sound of a washing machine, waves, or just ‘white noise’. And if they still scream, you can try listening to it instead.

Steam Cleaner

Most new parents don’t have time for housework, but it’s important to keep on top of cleaning to keep things as germ-free as possible. With this in mind, any gadget that makes cleaning a five minute job is well worth the money. A steam cleaner is perfect for hard floors and instead of messing about with a bucket of hot water, you can plug these tools in and have a clean, sterilised bacteria-free floor within minutes. Quality products such as Karcher steam cleaners are designed to make your life easier, which is all you can wish for.

This is just a small selection of useful gadgets we love. If you have any more suggestions, let us know!

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