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Five Fabulous Presents For Any Five Year Old

Our kids’ birthdays are always a very exciting time. Every parent knows what it’s like. Months of planning and requests for certain gifts, and a huge build-up to the big day.

One thing is for certain; no one wants to disappoint their kids. But sometimes, if money is an issue, it’s not always possible to buy them their every wish. Younger children, especially, might not understand about the costs that go into birthday presents. So they could be slightly disgruntled if they don’t open exactly what they asked for. To avoid this pitfall, though, here is my list of five fabulous presents for any five-year-olds. And they are perfect for any budget!



Character Clothes

Your child will no doubt have a favourite cartoon or toy character. Sometimes, popular toys and dolls can be very expensive, especially if they are the latest fad. If you want to buy your child something related to their favourite character, you can always get them clothes. Clothing is often cheaper than toys, and your child will love wearing their character! Just take a look at these Lego PJs.  

Sweets and Chocolates

If there’s one thing all kids love, it’s a sweet treat. Chocolates and sweeties cannot be beaten as birthday presents. After all, wouldn’t you love to receive your favourite box of chocolates for your birthday! You may even be able to find themed chocolates with their beloved cartoons on. If you want to keep things healthy, bake your very own goodies. One perk of homemade treats, is you can make them gluten-free or lactose-free. You’ll be able to make them suitable for other kinds of dietary requirements as well.

Outdoor Toys

These aren’t necessarily items your child will think to ask you for. When your child rips off the wrapping paper and sees toys they can use outside, nothing will wipe the smile off their face! If you have a large garden, you could get them a toy cricket set, a tricycle or football. If your outdoor space is restricted, think about water guns and trampolines.

Art Materials

Unleash your child’s creative side with paper, pens and colouring books. Young children love to scribble and colour. All of their creations will look great on the door of your fridge! You never know, you might be inspiring the next Van Gogh! Once your kids get older, you can start to give them even more art materials, such as paints, pastels and crayons. Don’t forget to include a pritt stick into their present – kids love glueing and sticking!

Board Games

The great thing about board games is the whole family can join in on the fun! Take a look in the shops for games that are suitable for five-year-olds. There’s no point buying the latest version of Trivial Pursuit as a young child probably won’t understand how to play! Interactive games such as Buckaroo or Operation are great options for small kids.

Now that the presents are all sorted, you just need to bake a birthday cake and plan a party!


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