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Finding The Perfect Barbecue Sauce For Your Meats

A reason for BBQ’s lasting popularity in the States has got to be the amount of different sauces available. Believe it or not, the cost of production of BBQ sauce in the United States nearly exceeds $2 billion. To make matters even more interesting, this value doesn’t consider the amount of home-made recipes that US based citizens use every day. While some of these recipes may have been around for generations, some were just concocted yesterday.

The ‘problem’ that arises from such a wide selection of sauce varieties is being unable to choose which sauce to truly elevate your meats. After all, is there ever one true sauce that ranks above all others for each unique meat offering out there? What’s the best choice for your ribs? Is it the same choice for your brisket? While an excellent sauce can further activate a meat, the wrong sauce can just as easily ruin an entree. Making the right choice is imperative!

For those barbecue enthusiasts looking for the best pairings, the infographic coupled with this post is a great resource. It’s an excellent tool for breaking down the differences and strengths of sweet and acidic sauces. If you were ever curious as to which dish should be paired with which sauce, this is the infographic for you.

The truth is, however, that you will likely see a great deal of overlap between these meat and sauce pairings. The reason? Well, a great deal of sauces taste fantastic with a great deal of meats. Some sauces even combine excellently with multiple meats. Traditional Texas BBQ is one of the best examples of this. The mop sauce used on beef brisket is truly a classic, you can’t eat Texas brisket without it. However, this same sauce is extremely common on ribs as well. Some people would even go so far as putting it on each of their side orders as well! Overlap in this case isn’t always a bad thing. It’s worth noting, however, that it’s your responsibility to carefully craft all of your BBQ creations with non-conflicting sauces, but it will always boil down to preference.

Aside from the pairings, the accompanying resource also offers some sound BBQ advice:

First and foremost, grill skills will always trump a great meat and sauce pairing. If you’re not properly executing on the grill, you’ll never be saved by the best BBQ sauce in the world. Hone your skills on the grill.

Next, be willing to try new sauces. Experiencing true variety is the key to finding your favorite meat and sauce pairings. Go out of your way to find new and interesting sauces with unique flavors for best results.

Finally, be sure to revisit the accompanying resource whenever you find yourself at a local BBQ spot. The meat and sauce pairings at your local BBQ spots can serve as inspiration for your own creations, or even expose you to the sauce you never knew you’d love.

For more information on the perfect meat and sauce pairings, be sure to review the infographic featured on this post. Courtesy of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants.

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