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Falling Leaves and Frost: Autumn Crafts and Decorations Kids Can Make at Home

When the weather begins to turn cold and the leaves change their colours, many families are forced to spend more time indoors to avoid the fall chill in the air. You and your kids can still enjoy this enchanting season by making the most of your indoor time by making cool fall crafts that you can display throughout your home. You’ll only need some basic art supplies and your computer and printer to create some amazing DIY fall decorations for your house.

Fall Leaves for the Wall

By printing out a few leaf templates, you can have the kids trace of leaves on coloured construction paper in dazzling fall colours. Once they cut out their leaves, you can have fun adding them to wall displays or taping them on mirrors. If you want your leaves to last longer, have them laminated so you can reuse them year after year. If you plan to print a lot of leaves, be sure to stock up on ink cartridges; StinkyInk can supply Brother ink cartridges as well as other brands of the ink you need.

Fall Door Hanging

When the weather is dry and clear, have the kids help you collect twigs to make a fall door hanging. You will need to form your twigs into small bundles that will form a rectangular frame. Using twine and burlap, attach your twig bundles together. Once you have an empty frame, you’ll need to create a pretty fall banner on your computer that you can print to say “I Love the Fall” or something about the season that inspires you. Attach your banner to the frame and hang it on your front door for a lovely display that your kids will be so proud of.

Glamorous Pumpkins

Many families enjoy decorating pumpkins to adorn their front porch. You don’t have to carve jack-o-lanterns; you can gather some bright paint, glitter, glue, buttons, and other supplies to create character pumpkins or glamorous gourds that showcase your kids’ fancy handiwork. Consider painting your pumpkins with glow-in the-dark paint and gluing on small leaves or tiny acorn silhouettes. Use your creativity to decorate your pumpkins. If you want your work to stand the test of time, use faux craft pumpkins that you can reuse again.

Leaf Mobile

With a pail of melted wax and a pile of colourful autumn leaves, you can create a lovely leaf mobile to hang anywhere in your home. Once your children have collected the prettiest leaves in your yard, dip each in wax to preserve them. Allow the leaves to dry before attaching fishing line to each. Then, attach each line to a small wooden branch that has been cleaned and is free of moisture. You can hang your mobile in your mudroom or even on your front porch to show off your kids’ great work.

Don’t let the fall season slip by without enjoying some quality family crafting time. You’ll cherish the memories of crafting together just as you cherish the works you’re able to make and display in your home.

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