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Everything You Need To Know About Different Types Of Pushchair

When you start buying things for a new baby, it’s an exciting time. You’re really starting to get prepared, and it won’t be long before they come along, and you have them in your arms.  But there are some baby essentials that can get incredibly confusing. Many items seem to have so many different variations. And everyone says something different about which one is best. Everything from car seats to cribs differs so much, and you just don’t know what to go with. Pushchairs can be one of the most confusing things. Should you get one that’s also a car seat? One that’s also a carrycot? Should you prioritise ease of folding over sturdiness? Keep reading to learn more about the different types of pushchair and decide which one is for you.

Standard Pushchairs

Standard pushchairs range from cheap and simple pushchairs to high-end ones with added accessories. They usually have a frame with a seat that you can recline into different positions. Sometimes they face forwards and sometimes they face towards the person pushing the pushchair. Some can even switch between the two. They often have a hood or sunshade and a storage area below. The only function of a standard pushchair is to be a pushchair. But that doesn’t mean they won’t come with other perks, such as easy folding mechanisms.

Car Seat Frames

If you want your pushchair to double as a car seat, you can buy a frame to clip the seat into. Doing this gives you the bonus of dual functionality, but it does mean that the seat is less flexible than some other pushchairs. Happily, if your baby has fallen asleep in the car, you can take them out and clip them into the pushchair without removing them from the seat. The frame will fold and won’t take up much room, but remember that the car seat won’t fold along with it. And once your baby has outgrown the car seat, you’ll need a new pushchair.

Travel Systems

Travel systems take you one step further than the car seat frame. You can find pushchairs that will hold car seats and function as normal pushchairs, such as the Cosatto Ooba. This pushchair works as a pram, pushchair and car seat holder. Again, you will need to buy another car seat when the baby has outgrown it, but you’ll have to do this anyway. Travel systems are great if you want your pushchair to perform several functions at once. You get a pushchair, carrycot and car seat.

Lightweight Buggies

Lightweight pushchairs aren’t an ideal solution for a main pushchair, but they’re cheaper and great for travelling. They don’t weigh much and fold up easily. They’re better for toddlers and older babies than little ones, but they’re great for using as a backup.

Jogging Pushchairs

Finally, if you’re an active parent then a jogging pushchair could be perfect for you. They’re built to be robust, with three wheels and a light frame. If you often go off the beaten track or are trying to lose some baby weight, jogging pushchairs can help. But be aware that they can be bulky to move around in more urban environments, when you’re doing things like going up and down stairs or folding it up on a bus.

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