Essential Custom Writing Smartphone Apps

Writing is one of the oldest professions dating back to the age of scrolls and parchments. Over the years, a lot of transformations have taken place, most of which have made the art even more thrilling and easy.  Scribe, journalists, teachers, and students have a lot to be cheerful about these days, thanks to the advent of modernized ways of putting pieces of information to paper.  In this post, I lay particular emphasis on Smartphone Apps for custom writing, which hugely touches on student’s needs and concerns.  Basically, this is all about going out there to hire someone who has what it takes to put together say, a strong research paper, thesis, essay or even a dissertation.  It depends on what your needs are.  It is also important to note that custom writers can be an individual such as a freelancer or an agency.

Writing Apps

Now, with modern trends in journalistic practices and academia taking shape, demand for writing Apps has soared. It, however, doesn’t mean that anything can do. You wouldn’t, therefore, want to run the risk of downloading anything that comes across a writing App for your phone. A number of things play significant here. First and foremost, Smartphone and App compatibility is a very crucial factor.  Know which App version is developed for iOS and which one is meant for Android. The Smartphone market is segmented based on Operating systems by different manufacturers or third-party vendors, and this is something App developers usually take into serious consideration.  Another thing which you must look into is what serves the purpose. Some Apps are just not useful. Consider downloading one that is addresses all your custom writing needs and is equally reviewed positively by buyers if you want to make my homework done the proper way.

Great examples of customer writing Apps

To this end, take a look below for some of the best Smartphone Apps useful to third-party writing services any such purposes.


Academic writing borders on the need to reference sources of information and data. This is something most students know about. However, it giving credit to your sources, it is important to do so it acceptable format and style.  You can talk about academic writing styles such as MLA, Harvard, and APA in this regard. RefMe will not only help you access plenty resources but also go a long way in ensuring your sources are properly cited.


Editing is an integral part of writing because you do not want to run the risk of failing a term paper simply because it is replete with grammar, spelling and other language-related errors. EditMinion is the perfect App that will help clean your write-up during proofreading before submission.

Dragon Dictation

Sometimes you are just too tired to type your project and you wish there was a way out. Well, Dragon dictation is Smartphone App that will address your worries perfectly.  By design, it listens to your voice and gets everything converted to texts on paper.

In summary, there are lots of academic paper writing apps compatible with your Smartphone. It depends on what your needs are before you can choose the best for use.

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