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Entertaining on New Year’s Eve – in Style

The festive season is a time of indulgence in every sense of the word. It’s a time to enjoy a few luxuries shared with family and close friends. The traditional Christmas turkey is a feast people look forward to with relish. Mince pies, the obligatory pudding and brandy sauce and everything else that makes Christmas so delicious, are the delights that go into celebrating the end of one year, so very enjoyable. However, when it comes to ringing in the New Year, it’s a different ball game because although there’s a lot of tradition, you can make an event you organise as unique as you want it to be. Entertaining on New Year’s Eve in style means your guests get to dress up to the nines, sip champagne, savour caviar, smoked salmon and other mouth-watering delicacies.

Ringing in the New Year in style with champagne and caviar

Ringing in the New Year in style with champagne and caviar

Organising the Caviar

Naturally, when you want to entertain in style nothing but the best will do. Sourcing good quality caviar is a lot easier these days due to the fact you can find it online. But you have to make sure you only buy it from a reputable source so you know you’re only buying the best money can buy.

A Super-Fast Delivery Service

Many websites that sell caviar whether it’s a Caspian delicacy or other offer customers a super-fast delivery service if they live within a certain area. An example being if you live in the London and order your caviar online, you could expect your precious package to be delivered to your door in  record time which is usually within a couple of hours. This is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to organise an impromptu pampering moment! However, even if you live a little further away, you can expect a delivery the next day once you’ve placed your order online.

Sourcing the best caviar makes the occasion really special

Sourcing the best caviar makes the occasion really special

Sourcing the Champagne

Ringing in the New Year is always a very special time when people love to be together so they can see out the last twelve months in style, ready for the new one to begin. Serving some carefully selected caviar whether is Beluga, Sevruga, Oscietra or Caspian Gold means offering your guests the best champagne to sip as they nibble on their caviar covered blinis.

Smoked Salmon a Wonderful Delicacy for a Special Evening

Of course, not everyone loves caviar which means it’s nice to be able to include a wonderful choice of things to nibble on to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Smoked salmon, confit de canard and pâté de foie gras are all superb mouth-watering offerings that guests can enjoy whilst sipping their champagne or chilled white wine. Serving an assortment of luxury goodies is the best way to impress family and friends as they prepare to ring in the New Year in style.

Laying the Table

There’s nothing more inviting on a night of celebrations than a well laid table. This is why it’s really important, not only to offer your guests the best of everything and a marvellous choice, but the table has to look superb too.  Well-chosen decorations and little gifts for everyone nicely scattered between the delicacies can make a table look really inviting – and the best way to serve up your dishes is by creating a buffet style setting where guests can help themselves when they please which leaves a host to enjoy the celebrations too!


Celebrating the New Year in style means serving well-chosen fare which after the often heavier delights of Christmas are always most welcome. By choosing to offer your guests delicacies like smoked salmon, caviar, pâté de foie gras and a confit de canard, it means they can nibble and sip champagne to their heart’s delight which makes the prelude to midnight an occasion your guests will always remember!



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