What encourages my food shopping?

As a parent there are many things which I take into consideration when shopping for my family, one thing is quality of food, secondly cost and thirdly availability which all dictate where I shop and what I buy. A lot of the time, quality is the main driving force as you know I encourage an all-natural lifestyle, which means no unhealthy mass processed foods with questionable ingredients. I don’t say no to snacks but they are always healthy such as fruit, seeds and nuts and raw vegies such as carrot sticks. So when adverts come on TV 70% of the time I don’t pay any attention, unless they are advertising great quality foods at low prices.

According to recent research it also seems I am not alone, a study conducted by My Voucher Codes who special in money off vouchers which help save you money on your grocery bills, found when asking users of their site, that most people rate quality above all else when shopping. They were wanting to know whether ‘food porn’ style adverts like those by M&S encouraged people to try and buy from these retailers. They found that only 4% were influenced, whereas the majority (45%) were not.

They followed up asking “What influences your grocery shopping” and found:

  • Quality – 52%
  • Availability – 39%
  • Selection and choice of products – 35%
  • Customer service – 23%
  • Advertisements – 18%
  • Welfare standards – 12%

I do enjoy some of these adverts but the style never tempts me to buy either, in a busy world emphasis is on availability, quality and cost, so perhaps marketers should look at tempting people into their stores with high welfare and good quality foods at affordable prices, rather than spending thousands on food porn adverts.

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