Driving Tips For New Young Mothers

Having a baby when you’re super young is a challenge all by itself, but learning to adjust to all of the changes in your life after having a baby can seem impossible to conquer. It’s safe to say that the learning curve for new mothers (no matter their age) is sharp, and preparation is your most powerful tool.

Driving with a baby in the car can be an extreme distraction, and it’s vital for you and your child’s safety that you know what to expect. Go one step further, and equip yourself with some tools for becoming a pro mommy driver.

Here is a quick look at some of the most useful driving tips for new young mothers to help you and your new child arrive safe time after time.

Bring help if possible

If you can drive with two adults in the vehicle, you’re set. Tag team and take turns sitting in the back seat with the baby. Having another adult in the backseat with the baby to tend to his/her needs is a lifesaver for driving mommies.

If you’re driving on a long road trip, the person in the back should sleep when the baby sleeps. You’re mind and body will thank you when the baby gets uncomfortable and needs extra attention.

Keep supplies within reach

Packing extra supplies for the baby should be a way of life, and driving with a baby is no different. Make sure to pack plenty of supplies, and keep them within reach as you drive.

Too often, mothers get distracted reaching back to tend to their child and cause an accident. Don’t be that mother, and make sure you know exactly where everything you need is placed.

Always plan for the unexpected

There is a lot that can happen on the road, such as delays and accidents. And oftentimes, you will not see it coming. So, as a safe measure, you should keep a pager or a quick dial number to call in case you’re caught up in a fix.

You should also establish contact with a Hoffman Estates personal injury attorney or one closer to you so that you can receive legal aid in case you meet with an accident which is not your fault.

Furthermore, you should understand that, no matter where you are going, when you’re travelling with an infant, you should be planning for possible delays. Everything you do takes nearly twice the time to complete when you toss a baby into the mix, so don’t get yourself in a tizzy.

Practice radical acceptance that your travel times may not be exactly what you expect. Everything takes time, and your baby is most important.

Keep a clear line of sight (on the baby and the road)

It’s important for most mothers that they have a clear line of sight on their new baby. Luckily, there are plenty of modern contraptions to help.

Place mirrors in your vehicle in such a way that you can see your baby and your baby can see you. This will help you spend less time looking away from the road as you travel.

It’s okay to admit defeat

If your baby is supremely aggravated, it’s okay to admit defeat. Pull the car over to a safe spot, and tend to your child’s discomfort.

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