DIY Improvements Could Lower the Value of Your House


Many people say that to make money you must spend money however for some property owners this may not be the case.

Statistics released by Trustmark show that bodged repairs to a property can actually reduce the value that you can charge by around 11%. The government endorsed trade scheme found that over 50% of buyers would discard a property all together based on DIY improvements and 90% of those surveyed would reduce their offers considerably.

When it comes to selling your home a fresh lick of paint can go a long way in sprucing up your home ready for potential buyers however a lot of people take on tasks above their capabilities that can have an adverse effect.

Getting hands-on and doing jobs yourself can be a rewarding experience when considering the money that would be saved on hiring a tradesman; however, with an average 3 bedroom house priced at around 218,000, you can lose out on around 24,000 without taking into account the cost of materials.

With ‘have a go’ homeowners taking into their own hands to make changes to homes using the help of google and youtube, it can not only result in losing value for your house but can also leave the house in an unsafe condition for future owners.

Understandably a sniff of amateur improvements is enough to deter potential buyers, and sometimes the most cost-effective route may be to avoid maintenance altogether.

Alternatively, if your house is in a bad condition, you can hire a professional contractor for the renovations. For instance, if you have broken windows and doors that need replacement, then it could be a good idea to opt for the help of an expert like someone from Five Seasons (they are known to provide replacement of windows and doors in Denver) who has the skillset to accomplish this task without any hassle. Besides this, it could also be advisable to not do any DIY electrical appliance repair since it can deteriorate the condition of the existing appliances. Instead, you can consult the repair company to look into it and provide guidance on what needs to be repaired or replaced. For instance, for AC repair, you can explore various services online and contact them through the websites such as and ask for a quotation on expenditures.

With this in mind, here are some property dos and don’ts:-


  • As mentioned a fresh coat of paint can have a considerable effect in making your property more presentable and increasing value
  • Keep on top out your outdoor space, whether this is just mowing the lawn or weeding paths this can go a long way.
  • Clean and de clutter your house, a buyer will often have their own ideas with what they want to do with the space and this provides them with a neutral canvas for them to project their views onto.
  • Make the most of your houses features. Often spending money on exposing the traditional beams of your house can appeal more to buyers then a new kitchen for example.

DIY Don’ts

  • Unless you are completely qualified leave all gas and electric work well alone, Not only is it often very tricky it can leave home dangerous for future owners
  • Don’t attempt large-scale projects with no experience. Whilst tempting, it might be better to leave large-scale projects such as anything involving concrete and plaster to professionals. You may be able to find local professionals by searching for a term similar to concrete leveling Denver, or a term more relevant to your home location. This may help the house look and function better making it more attractive.
  • Don’t shell out on expensive appliances, as said earlier buyers will have their own vision especially where the kitchen and bathroom are concerned.
  • Don’t get caught in no man’s land. If you are going to renovate, do it properly. If your property needs work it doesn’t mean you won’t find a buyer, with many preferring to add some personality of their own to a new property sometimes less can be more when securing that sale. What you don’t want is to be stuck with a property that is too far gone for a project house but short of the mark for a buyer to move straight in.

– Price realistically. If a property does need work it could be more beneficial to reflect this in the price and find a buyer rather than invest and not

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