How to Determine the Right Age To Put Your Child in Braces

Braces have become so commonplace in society that people hardly notice when somebody has them anymore. This is nice because it cuts down on people’s reservation to get braces for fear of being made fun of or stared at all the time. Because braces are like second nature and have been through such an evolution over the years, they’re available to so many people and they’re available in a variety of kinds.


The question of whether or not to put your child in braces doesn’t so much exist anymore. They’re an expenditure, for sure, but so many offices allow for financing and monthly payments so most anybody to get them without fear of not being able to pay. If your child needs braces, there is always a way for them to get them.

The question remains, when is the right time?

Ask Your Dentist About Your Child’s Development

Determining the right age to put braces on your child depends on where they are in development. You as a parent and not a medical professional will not know much about dental related development, so it’s best to set up an appointment with your health professional to have them assess your child. If the dentist tells you your child needs braces, but you need to wait until certain things grow to full maturity, then that’s your answer. You’ll just have to wait a while.

Till the time, however, you can look for available choices in braces that your child would be more comfortable with. Certainly, it is going to be your kid’s smile partner for a considerable amount of time, thus choosing one that doesn’t downgrade their confidence becomes important. You can finalise one after reading different materials available online or can check out websites like to form an informed decision.

They Have to Have Lost All Their Baby Teeth

Though it seems obvious, one major way to tell if your child is of the proper age to get braces is to see if they’ve lost all of their baby teeth. Braces are meant to correct the formation of adult teeth, so placing a child in braces when they still have ones that are going to fall out is obviously not going to work.

Are They Mature Enough to Care For Them?

A very real question to ask yourself is if your child is mature enough to be able to handle the hygienic aspect of having braces. There is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with having braces. Bands need to be worn, things need to be adjusted, flossing and brushing need to be a regular occurrence…If your child is of a certain age but still isn’t able to handle responsibility, it’s probably best to wait until they’re ready.

Will Braces Change Affect Their Self Confidence?

Thankfully today, braces come in a variety of styles. They can be completely invisible if you desire that. If you are trying to determine the right age to put your child in braces, consider whether or not them having braces as their current age will affect their self confidence?

Middle school kids are nasty to others…so maybe the right time is high school when your child has developed enough in their own skin to know who they are and not be subject to bullying when people try and put them down. It’s all up to you, but these are factors to consider. In any case, braces are so commonplace, people might not even realize your child has them.

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