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Delving Deeper Into Laser Hair Removal

You have obviously heard of laser hair removal. It would be impossible not to. It’s constantly being promoted in the media, and chances are that you have several local clinics and spas that offer it in your area. But what do you really know about it? Is whatever that is enough for you to make a proper decision about whether or not to have it done yourself? Probably not. So, let’s delve a little deeper into the process and what you can expect from it.

It’s More Effective Than Shaving, But Only to a Point

The biggest reason that most people look into laser treatment for unwanted hair is that they are sick of waxing and shaving. If you know that frustration then these types of procedures might be good solutions for you. After all, the machines will zap the hairs right down to the roots. However, it’s important for you to know that you can’t expect permanent relief from unwanted hair after just one treatment.

The fact is that your exact results will depend on your individual situation and the strength of the laser device that you choose. But treating unwanted hair in a clinical setting with such a machine will get rid of most of the hair for a time. It may even keep that hair from growing back for weeks or months. Some hair might even never grow back at all, but the chances are that some will. So, you may still need to occasionally shave, but you should have less hair to get rid of and find yourself needing to shave it far less than you used to.

Expect Some Discomfort During and After Treatment

When you first start clinical hair removal, you will probably be asked to schedule a series of several appointments. At each one you can expect mild discomfort, as the machine heats your skin with targeted light and zaps away your <a href=”“>unwanted hair</a> ┬áin the process. That warmth during the procedure can also cause your skin to look red for a little while when your appointment is over. After about a day, your skin should go back to normal.

You are likely to also feel a bit of a zapping sensation like a mild static shock as the hairs are obliterated by the device. That’s perfectly normal, but you should tell the technician, if it starts to feel painful.

You Will See Immediate Results After Your First Session

After your first session, you should have no visible hair left in the treated area. So, you might feel that your unwanted hair problems are over. However, you shouldn’t let those results fool you. It takes several sessions for all of the roots to be damaged enough that regrowth will be slowed or stopped entirely.

Nevertheless, you can stroll out of your first appointment confident that all of the visible hair in the treated area will no longer be there until it has time to grow back. There’s no need to worry about missing a spot, as you might sometimes when shaving. That means far less potential for embarrassment, which is reason enough to want to try clinical hair removal treatments instead of dealing with the problem yourself at home.

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