Cute Ways To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday

There are many milestones in a child’s life. There is the first time that they smile, the first time they laugh and, of course, their first words. Possibly the most important milestone of all, though, is your baby’s first birthday. If you have a child who is about to turn one, you need to start planning ways to celebrate it. When you have small children, it is crucial that you make the most of them while they are young. Here are some cute ways to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

Plan a baby birthday party

Of course, the most obvious thing you can do is plan a birthday party. You should probably only invite family and close friends to this event. Remember, if you have too many people around your child, they might find it overwhelming. You will want to host the party at your house so that you can put the baby down to sleep when they have had enough of the celebrations. You can get decorations and even make a birthday cake for the event in advance.

Book a bespoke photo shoot

At this age, babies grow quickly. You need to make sure that you have some lasting memories of your baby’s early years. You could find a photographer that specializes in baby portraits. You might want to get a few family portraits or just some snaps of your little one looking angelic. If you book the shoot for your baby’s birthday, you will have a fun family activity to do on the day. You can get prints of the photos to hang in your home or give to your relatives as unique gifts.

Get a gorgeous cuddly toy

Let’s be honest, it is super difficult to buy a present for a small child. There are few toys that a baby can appreciate, and you don’t want to get practical gifts, such as clothes or feeding equipment. You should look online for cute Charlie Bear cuddly toys so that your baby has something to hug through the night. Soft toys are perfect for young babies, as they are not dangerous and look pretty. Your child can keep the bear as a keepsake when they grow up, and so this is the gift that keeps on giving.

Update your memory box

Many parents think that it is a nice idea to start a memory box when they have a newborn child. You can put things, such as photos and notes, in the box to remind you when your baby grows up. Now, since your baby is one, it is time to update the box and add some new memories to it. You might want to take some photos of your child on their birthday and add them to the box or put one of their old toys in there.


Photo from peasap

Take a day trip as a family

If you can manage it, a day trip as a family is an excellent way to spend your child’s special day. You should plan the day well in advance so that you can get every detail just right. You might want to take your child to the zoo or the farm. Young babies love animals, and so this trip might be the best idea for your family. Make sure that you take a baby supply kit with you on the trip. You will need fresh diapers, baby food, cleaning wipes and formulas if you take your baby out for the day.

Being a parent is one of the most wonderful (and sometimes, terrifying) things you can ever do. Now that your child is turning one, it is time to celebrate their first year with you!

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