Contemporary Living While Maintaining the Comforts of Home

For all the progressive styling it offers, contemporary living can have you feeling like a hotel guest in your own home — the type of high-end hotel suite guest who’s afraid to touch anything because you’re scared to break things. If you’re afraid to touch anything in your own home because of the suggestive nature of the contemporary styling you have going on, then imagine what other people must feel like when they visit. Imagine how the kids feel, even though kids generally don’t take such things to heart, but when the kids go about their business of being kids, sometimes a contemporary styled home isn’t the ideal environment for them to truly let loose and flourish in the way children should be allowed and encouraged to do.


Contemporary living is all about comfort. Having proper living spaces and appliances can contribute to comfortable living. You need to make sure that your electrical devices are maintained and check if there is any need for repair work. Regular HVAC maintenance and requirements for air conditioner repairs should be met for home comfort. Interior style is also an important factor in achieving ease of living. So what if you are madly in love with modern styling and your desire to live in a contemporary-styled space burns so hot that you simply have to make it happen, yet at the same time you don’t want your family and house guests to question whether or not you don’t disinfect the whole place after everybody has “lived” in it?

All’s not lost in this case as you do have some great options, but it’s all about your approach to your interior styling. It takes a bit of time to get it right however, so don’t rush into buying things until you’re confident none of those interior decor items will leave you with that nagging feeling that something just isn’t quite right. This is the one area of your life in which a constantly nagging annoyance is unacceptable because this is the environment in which you’re going to be spending a lot of your time. To avoid that feeling, put your most creative foot forward and turn that deserted space into an oasis of relaxation and productivity. If required, consider hiring a reliable interior designer – perhaps someone like Helen Coulston – to help you get the look and feel you want in your home.

While decorating, just remember that it’s all about creating a contemporary “feel”. This means that you decorate your interior in such as way that it looks contemporary by way of appearance and not by interaction. What I mean by this is that the contemporary pieces with which you do up your interior should be those which are interacted with visually and not physically. For example, the couch you sit on when you’re in your home environment is something which you physically interact with. Whereas the lighting or art such as Neon Mama wall art, end table decorations, or ceiling lights are something you interact with only on a visual level. So when designing your space think of what you will interact with by touch and what you will interact with by sight. If you were to style your interior according to this principle, you’d perhaps buy a very comfortable couch whose homely comfort is intrinsically tied to its retro design, while you have contemporary ceiling lights installed so that the room looks contemporary but feels homely.

With this approach you can enjoy the best of both worlds, decorating your home in your favourite contemporary style while at the same time not having it come across as one of those home decor style display sets which have everybody feeling like they should watch every other step they take, taking extra care not to make any sudden movements which might have them breaking something.

So it’s all about balancing the contemporary visual appearance with the comfortable physical feel of the interior decor items.

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