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Common Holiday Dangers: Family Safety Tips for a Happy and Healthy Celebration

The holiday season is quickly approaching.  Before you get caught up in the yuletide cheer, be sure your family is safe and secure in the house.  Think safety first, so you’ll have a happy and healthy holiday season.  Below, you’ll find common holiday dangers you don’t want to unwrap or have unfold in the home.

Dangerous Tree

You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to have a tree in your home.  Many love the sentiment and desire a vessel for serious decoration.  However, keep your kids and pets in mind when dressing the tree with swallowable items, pointed hooks, and flammable ribbon and garland.  Firstly, keep your tree away from fireplaces and heat sources, such as radiators.  Secondly, if your  kid or pet can swallow it or get injured by it, keep it off the tree.  Lastly, the tree itself is going to inspire curiosity, and an overly curious kid or pet can yank at branches or personalized Christmas ornaments, tipping the tree over.  Be sure the tree is securely fastened to a nearby wall.

Hazardous Lights

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a plethora of lights strewn on the tree and throughout the home.  However, make sure each light has a cap; you don’t want a child to get electrocuted.  Also, it’s likely you’ll find yourself needing more sockets than you have.  Limit the use of multi-socketed power strips.  Consider battery-operated ornaments versus plugging in too  many things.  It will save you money on the electric bill and the anxiety related to creating a potential fire hazard.

Inappropriate Toys

Remember Santa’s warning to Ralphie of A Christmas Story?  “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid” was a department store Santa’s reply to Ralphie’s request for a B.B. gun.  Though his father got it for him anyway, Ralphie almost made Santa’s warning come to fruition within the first minutes of using it.  Though it’s normal for kids to want to be grownup and covet toys above their age level, be sure to give gifts that are age appropriate.  It’s especially important regarding other people’s kids.  It would be awfully awkward (and inappropriate) for a child to receive a gift their parent would not approve of.

Hell’s Kitchen

The holiday season is inextricably associated with a cornucopia of foods; even if your parties are catered or others bring delicacies to your home, it’s likely the kitchen will be in use for reheating, preparing, etc.  Teach children to be extra careful regarding running through the kitchen, bumping into others, and remaining cautious around hot plates and sharp knives.  Some children will want to be helpful, so it’s a good time to teach them to respect potentially dangerous utensils and machines.


Curiosity-Inducing Candles


Hanukkah is “the festival of lights” and other holiday celebrations often involve candles.  Kids are naturally attracted to matches and fire, especially when told they are not supposed to be near such things.  Teach children about the potential for bad outcomes, such as getting burned or starting a fire.  It’s best not to have lit candles present in a home with small children and pets, but if you must, keep candles out of arm’s and jump’s reach.


Jennifer Watson is a full-time Mom and used to work in childcare previously. She grew up in a large family environment and likes to pass on her skills and knowledge acquired on how to keep a safe and happy house. Jennifer writes regularly for a number of family-orientated websites.

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