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For some reason, allergies are more prevalent today than at any time in the past. Perhaps it is simply that more people come forward in the hope of finding a cure for them, now that medicine has improved, or it may be that the chemicals used everywhere today affected us at a young age. Science has proved that problems can occur later in life from exposure to things when we are young. That is why it is vital that we protect our children from coming into contact with harsh chemicals such as chlorine as best we can.

If you are looking for new ways to clean your home that will not cause harm to your children, you are not alone. Millions of people worldwide are choosing to leave the bleach on the shelves in supermarkets in preference of more natural products. Here are a few ideas that will help you to keep your home sparkling clean and sanitised while smelling fresh and being a pleasant place to live.

Baking Soda

Have you noticed how many aerosol products there are for freshening the air or furniture? No wonder there is such a rise in asthma these days. How can it be good for anyone to breathe in such unnatural chemicals? You have a replacement product in your cupboard that will do this job admirably. Once a month, cover the carpet and furniture with a sprinkling of baking soda applied through a sieve. Leave it for twenty minutes before cleaning it up with a vacuum cleaner. You will find that your fabrics and carpets now smell clean, fresh, and all traces of wet dog are removed. Baking soda has amazing odour removal properties, so place a cup full wherever there is a problem and the soda will absorb the smell.

Sinks And Toilets

Smells come from microbes; most of them do not like salt or vinegar. This is because they have never tried English fish and chips, but I digress. White vinegar and salt is a powerful concoction for sanitising toilets and smelly sinks. Pour a cup of vinegar mixed with half a cup of salt, down the sink drain and overflow. Use the same mixture for cleaning the toilet. The vinegar works great for clearing limescale deposits too.

If you find that you are unable to cure smelly drains, it may indicate a bigger problem. I recommend having the drains inspected by experts such as

General Cleaning

Citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges are naturally acidic and are great for breaking down grease and grime. Because the acid in the juice is so powerful, it must be diluted with water.

Stop using aerosol polish on the furniture. Turn instead to beeswax; there is no product more natural. Cleaning with beeswax takes a little more work, but the furniture will buff up to a much glossier finish than with other products.

Your conscience will be clear as a result because you have done everything in your power to provide a safe home environment. Unfortunately, we cannot control external influences, but tough pollution laws are at least giving the next generation more of a chance than we had. Look out for more of my top home cleaning tips, good ideas are always cropping up. Bye for now.


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