Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life

Christmas gift buying gets harder every year. Some people are easy to buy for because they have strong opinions about what they want and can be very forthcoming when asked what they would like. Others (men in particular) can be far more reticent and deciphering the grunts and mutters you get in reply to your questions can sometimes be hard. Not all men, are difficult to buy for….just some….

It is easier to take the opposite approach. Take the decision out of their hands, educated guess or calculated risk, whatever you want to call it – at this time of year you need an easy life. If you’re running short on inspiration, here are some ideas for the men in your life.

The sporty type

It doesn’t matter if he likes to play it or watch it, sport related stuff is a pretty safe bet. You could get him some merchandise from his favourite team, if he has one. Sports clothes or after sport toiletries are generally welcomed by athletic types. Depending on the type of sport he does, you could get him equipment or accessories to support his hobby. The weather in the UK is often wet, so if it is an outdoor sport he enjoys, consider buying him some wet weather gear. Online shopping for sports stuff is where you find all the unusual, esoteric stuff that the big stores won’t stock, so give yourself some time to surf about a bit and see what’s out there. Remember it’s the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, if you can’t stretch to tickets for the final, think about getting him an official tournament football.

A football shirt of your man's favourite team will always be popular.
A football shirt of your man’s favourite team will always be popular.

The DIY enthusiast

If you have a DIY enthusiast in the house then why not think about a gift that helps him indulge his passion, visit Sealants & Tools for some ideas? After all, if he is any good at DIY, you will benefit from his expertise as well! New power tools and DIY materials and equipment are always gratefully received by practical types, so put a few DIY delights under the tree this Christmas to make him smile.

The slob

Not really one to encourage, but if he can’t manage to prise himself off the sofa, consider getting him something that he can wear, like a classic panda outfit onesie that he can lounge in around the house or even in bed. Or, if you wanted to consider something different, a mini-fridge so his beer and bar snacks are easy to reach, a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning up the mess in the house, and maybe a robot lawnmower to cut the grass for him. Then bury the remote control under all the wrapping paper and enjoy watching him panic.

The gadget junkie

Anything electrical or battery-operated, anything pixelated, digitized, and all that other techie stuff. He will love you forever if you get him whatever the top gadget is this year – apparently, TV Streaming Devices are selling like hotcakes. No, I have no idea what it is either.

The musician

Personalized gifts can always capture the heart of a musician. Anything that can be adorned with his current instrument, is a bonus. Notepads, instrument stands, drum wraps (refer to here), guitar picks, guitar strings, and similar ones could be the ones you can gift him. However, when you are planning to buy the instrument, make sure it is one that he has always wished for, or the one that he is comfortable playing.

The chef

Equip him with all the stuff he needs so that he can cook you up delicious meals. Whether it’s exotic ingredients from the delicatessen, a fabulous chef’s knife set, and a gorgeous cookery book by his favourite gourmet guru, or a course in haute cuisine – indulge the gastronome in your man.

The car freak

Gifts that help him maintain his car usually go down well. Car cleaning accessories, seat covers, security features, GPS gadgets, music systems etc. are all worth a thought. If he dreams of super cars and classics, consider buying him a gift experience such as a day driving sports cars, rallying or laying down laps at a race track.

A Sat-nav is a great present for a car enthusiast
A Sat-nav is a great present for a car enthusiast

The gardener

If your man likes to spend time outdoors in the garden, help him get the most out of his hobby by giving him useful tools. Good quality secateurs, shears and loppers are all good ideas for the gardener who likes to get stuck in. There are a large range of powered gardening tools as well which help work progress more speedily. Leaf blowers for tidying up, pressure washers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, lawn mowers and chainsaws are all pieces of horticultural kit designed to make life in the garden easier. A decent pair of warm, waterproof work boots are useful and will make gardening far more pleasant in the winter months. Is he a vegetable grower or does he prefer plants and flowers? A gardening token will allow him to choose exactly the right plant or veg he wants. After all the work is complete outside, armchair gardeners will appreciate a thick gardening book full of advice, ideas, inspiration and glossy photographs to pore over.

So, there’s a few tips to inspire you in your man-gift quest. Good luck, and remember, if you get it totally wrong, it’s the thought that counts…

Image credits: Waywardeffort and Xurble

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