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Choosing the right Jive Power Chair for your needs

A Power Chair can give you the chance to gain independence and the confidence to get out and about. They are also very useful for day-to-day use within your home as they turn on the spot, and have an open front which makes them more accessible and usable in the home.


The Jive Power Chair is the original model and offers a stable 6 wheel design with a responsive joystick that is easy to use.

This power chair can reach 3.5 miles per hour and can carry a weight of up to twenty-one stone. The padded seat can swivel and recline so you can adjust it to get the best position for you. As well as an adjustable for platform, there is also a space for storage underneath the seat.

Useful for everyday use, this power chair can travel up to 18 miles.

Jive Plus

The Jive Plus Power Chair is designed for Optimum comfort and features the qualities from the original Jive Power Chair but with extra comfort and ATX Suspension.

It also reaches 4 miles per hour but doesn’t include under-seat storage.

Jive Air

The Jive Air power chair includes all the features from the Jive Power Chair except with additional benefits.

By simply using a button you can raise and lower yourself up to 25cm, even whilst you are on the go. This can be useful for getting in and out of the chair, adjusting to table height, or for reaching up to a counter.

As well as lifting, this model features suspension, which reduces the effect of bumpy pavements / roads.

The Jive Air Power Chair can reach 8 miles per hour, making it the fastest of the range.

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