Chimney Cleaning


When you are sitting by your fireplace sipping hot cocoa keep in mind the dangers of not cleaning your chimney. If you have a chimney in your home make sure to have a regular cleaning performed to prevent the buildup of flammable substances and keep your fireplace functioning properly. Contact for all your chimney cleaning needs.

Risks of Not Cleaning Your Chimney

While fireplaces are beautiful if they are not properly maintained they can cause a fire to spread from your chimney. The chimney is responsible for carrying the smoke out of your home. Fireplace accidents cause several deaths and thousands of dollars worth of property damage each year. To prevent such cases, regular checking from professionals similar to those from this Red Deer WETT inspection agency is important to maintaining the safety of the chimney, fireplace, and your home.

The byproduct that comes off of fires in the fireplace is creosote and is highly flammable. This flammable by-product layers the walls of your chimney. Over time, the layer of creosote becomes thick and can start a fire. With creosote coating your chimney, it can also stop carbon monoxide from leaving your home. If carbon monoxide builds up in your home it can cause your family to get sick or it can even cause death. Properly maintaining your chimney makes it operate more efficiently. When your chimney is operating more efficiently it reduces the amount of smoke that goes into your home.

You should have your chimney cleaned annually by a professional to keep it operating efficiently. There are times you may need to have it cleaned earlier than your annual cleaning. If you see build up soot on the chimney walls, you see smoke inside while your fireplace is in use, or if smell a burning smell when your fireplace is not in use all of these are signs you need to have it cleaned. Having your chimney cleaned by a professional will keep your fireplace working more efficiently and help you to protect your investment. When you are deciding how often you need to have your chimney cleaned keep in mind what type of wood you burn and how often you use it.

Having a fireplace is a nice luxury in the winter; it helps to cut down on your energy costs and is usually a beautiful feature in your home. While fireplaces are beautiful if your chimney is not properly maintained, they can become a hazard to you and your family. Keep your family protected and have a professional company come out and clean your chimney. If you are unsure if it is time to have your chimney cleaned, call a chimney cleaning company to have a professional come and check for you. A professional chimney cleaner will have extensive knowledge on the proper working of your chimney. If you have fireplaces make sure to watch for the warning signs to avoid a fire that could harm your home or your family.

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