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Childhood Growth and Development Milestones to Look Forward to

Do you look forward to the milestones in your own child’s life?

According to CNN, the first is crawling.

That’s a milestone to look forward to.

Childhood Changes

If the emotional closeness of breastfeeding and the connection to the mother in the mother-child relationship were all you needed for a healthy childhood, breastfeeding would still be appropriate. But a mother’s emotional attachment, her guidance and her emotional availability are all crucial to healthy child development.

A baby’s desire for human connection should be encouraged and fostered. But human interaction alone may not be enough. The outcome of human interaction might be determined by factors unrelated to the mother’s love and connection to the child.

The attachment between a mother and her child, on the other hand, has nothing to do with the mother’s love. Although no mother has the capacity to love her child with all of her heart forever, even those who are broken by the helplessness of their situation have the capacity to be loving.

In addition to the emotional closeness of breastfeeding and the attachment to the mother, there are several physical milestones you should be looking forward to.

1-1, 1-1.5 Months

Their face begins to show up. They have eyebrows and eyelids. They have a good understanding of facial expression.

Their hand muscles develop. They can grasp things and put them into their mouths. They usually roll their heads from side to side.

2-2.5 Months

They put things in their mouths. They become more active.

Their face becomes more distinct.

3-4 Months

Their skin develops more colour. Their face becomes less floppy.

4-4.5 Months

They are pulling their legs and arms to get out of their shells.

5-6 Months

They gain more control over their movements. They are now able to turn their heads to the left or the right.

Their face becomes less symmetrical.

6-6.5 Months

They tend to sit up on their own.

6.5-7 Months

They start to roll over from their back to their front.

7-7.5 Months

They start reaching out for things, including your finger.

7.5-8 Months

They have their first tooth.

8-9 Months

They start to sit up by themselves.

9-9.5 Months

They start to crawl.

9.5-10 Months

They start to use a few words.

10-10.5 Months

They begin to speak in sentences and try to talk to you.

11-11.5 Months

They say more words.

12-13 Months

They start to move their head to look up and down.

14-15 Months

Their legs become more stable. They start to stand up.

15-17 Months

They say more words.

17-18 Months

Their leg muscles grow stronger. Their hand muscles grow stronger. They begin to sit up by themselves for longer periods of time.

18-19 Months

Their hand muscles are even stronger.

19-20 Months

They are beginning to stand up.

20-21 Months

Their hands are now more stable.

21-22 Months

Their legs are now stable.

22-23 Months

Their hands are even stronger.

24-26 Months

Their legs are strong.

26-28 Months

Their legs are even stronger, fuelled by the same excitement for life as that possessed by someone how has discovered a new online casino to play on.

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