Celebrities That Have Survived Cancer Through Radiotherapy

Cancer is an insidious disease that destroys out body from within without showing as much as a sign until it’s too late! 


Like us average Joes, we forget that celebrities are normal human beings as well, with the only difference being that they just happen to have a far greater share of the limelight. Catastrophes strike them just as easily as they strike us.

Here are some of battles fought by inspirational celebrities against the life-threatening disease which we know as cancer:

Fran Drescher

Popular for her role as Fran Fine on The Nanny, Fran Drescher was diagnosed with uterine cancer. As a result, she regularly underwent radical hysterectomy treatment, a type of radiotherapy, for 2 whole years. However, she is still suffering from Stage I uterine cancer.

Hugh Jackman

Widely known for playing the main lead and also being our favourite superhero, Hugh Jackman recently went on the gurney as he got his skin cancer operated on. Though this was less extreme in nature, it was still a serious issue for the actor. This type of cancer mostly affects people living in Australia due to heightened exposure to the sun. Although he got it operated on, there is still a slight chance it might return. When and if it does, he will be turning to radiotherapy very soon.

Sheryl Crow

Sherryl Crow went through a surgery in 2006 to have her breast cancer operated on and removed. However, in 2011, she discovered that she had developed a brain tumour as a result of her breast cancer. Though it is harmless, it is still worrisome, forcing her to regularly monitor this tumour by running MRI tests after every 6 months. She hasn’t taken action to eradicate this tumour yet, even though the option of radiotherapy is open to her and is her prime preference due to its insignificant side effects.

Janice Dickinson

In March 2016, ex-supermodel and TV star, Janice Dickenson revealed to have a lump in her right breast which later emerged to be a cancer bearing tumour.

However, building up her courage, she went through lumpectomy and is now attending regular radiation sessions.

Mr. T

Back in September 1995, Mr. T was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma. This is a type of blood cancer where cell productivity accelerates to a far greater rate than normal, causing bumps to appear on the skin.

Mr. T went through severe chemotherapy sessions which were followed by radiation sessions to tone down the dosage intensity. Although he isn’t cancer-free yet, he continues to fight his battle, undergoing radiation therapy sessions for treatment as they are less hazardous than chemotherapy.

Cynthia Nixon

In 2006, Nixon was diagnosed with breast cancer. According to Fox News, she underwent a lumpectomy which was followed by 6-and-a-half weeks of continuous radiotherapy sessions.

She was already well-aware of the possible chances of a calamity, such as breast cancer, to affect her life due to the disease being genetically passed on to her from her mother’s side.

Today, not only is she cancer-free, she is also an active and influential candidate in global breast cancer education and awareness programs.

It is important for us to remember the struggles and successes of these celebrities to remain hopeful in our lives as well. If radiotherapy could save them, it can save anyone because at the end of the day, they are just as human as we are!

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