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Smart Flooring Decisions For Your Family Home

For as much attention as is paid to things like the colors of the walls and the type of artwork and decorations you have throughout your house, one of the more important decisions that you have to make deals specifically with different types of flooring. Install the wrong kind of floor in the wrong room of your house, and you’re …

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7 Examples of Kids Furniture That Will Brighten Everyone’s Day

Most parents dream of the day when they get to plan out their kid’s room designs. Whether you are working on a budget or the sky’s the limit, you will always find a way to make sure that the essential items are not only functional but are also very adorable. You start imagining all the different furniture positions, all the …

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Creating a Better Living Room Space at Home

One of the most important rooms in your house is your living room. And unfortunately, it’s often the one that gets the least attention regarding focal space, cleaning, and decorating. Kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms – they tend to get their own mental space. But living rooms just and up the default of where everyone goes when they aren’t somewhere else. …

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Hardwood vs Stone Flooring

When faced with two beautiful materials, it can be tricky to choose the right one for your home. Both have multiple benefits that can make them irresistible. The hardwood flooring can add warmth and natural elegance, whereas the stylish nature of a stone floor may have you looking for a tile floor installation contractor for some possible recommendations. We know …

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Should I sell a house with tenants?

The buy-to-let market has experienced a downturn over the past few years, with increasing government regulation making it harder to turn a profit on these properties. Section 24 introduced taxes on mortgage interest, treating it as income, making heavily mortgaged properties less viable, and the increasing amount of paperwork required for every tenant as well as the potential abolishment of …

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The most on trend fireplaces for your home

Wall-mounted fires Wall-mounted fireplaces have been hugely popular over recent years and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Not only are they a great way to save space in a smaller room but they also look modern and clean. Wall-mounted fireplaces are extremely versatile and come in a huge variety of styles and designs to accommodate all tastes.

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3 Ways To Know If A New Neighborhood Will Be Safe For Your Family

While moving to a new home can be exciting, it also leaves you open to the potential of moving into a neighborhood that you don’t fully know or understand yet. Especially for families with children, being in a safe, secure neighborhood ranks very high on the priority list. But how are you to know if you’re buying a home in …

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Repairing Your Home After Serious Damage Has Occurred

It’s unfortunate, but there may be times when your home suffers from serious damage. If that’s the case, you have a few different options. If it’s total destruction, you may have to move to a new location. Or, if the damage isn’t too severe, you can choose to go the repair route.

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How to keep your garden looking its best — an all-year guide

Are you often concerned that your garden isn’t looking as good as your next-door neighbours? You aren’t the only one! In fact, in 2015, 51% of people in a survey revealed that they had a sneak peek at their neighbour’s gardens to compare them to their own. 24% even went as far as to say that they had given their …

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