Protein – Why is it so important?

Most people know these days that protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. With this, most of us think that the best way to get protein is by eating meat. It is true meat is a very good source of protein, but there are alternatives. Some people would argue that these are better alternatives, for many reasons. One …

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What Meal Should I Have – Quiz

They tend to be a serious annoyance, don’t they, those days when you search through every last fridge/freezer shelf and you go through all your kitchen cupboards, looking for a filling meal to satisfy your growing hunger and it just doesn’t seem like things will be going your way?

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Get Creative With Your Little Ones This Christmas

In these days of Playstation 4s and toy adverts that start as early as August, it isn’t always easy to teach children that Christmas is about spending time with each other and not just the presents under the tree. The Christmas break is the ideal opportunity to spend some family time with your little ones, and these simple foodie ideas …

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Diet Tips For A Healthy Baby

During the first year of a baby’s life, the only important aspect to be considered is how to ensure a healthy diet for the infant. The first thing, of course, that the parents have to decide is whether the child will be breast fed or bottle fed.

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Children

Though your life may be stuffed into a frenzied routine of searching for shoes and lunch-boxes for your children every morning, ensure that you do find time to prepare a healthy breakfast for your children that is rich in vitamins A and C and other nutrients as well.

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Easy Healthy Foods For Families

It can be a stressful as well as a time-consuming affair, if you have children and you have to prepare meals for them. Moreover, you need to ensure that they eat healthy foods.

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