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The Casino Version of the Birds-and-Bees Talk

We all refer to our kids as perfect little angels who can do no wrong, or rather can never do anything to take your love for them away. When we look back at our own youths however, we remember all the mischief we got up to, particularly when it comes to some of the vices of this world. Personally I wouldn’t call gambling a vice, but for some people it is, so it’s naturally something growing kids might want to experiment with, particularly when they become of age.

There are smart and stupid ways of doing anything and everything in this world, one of which is indeed gambling, so a gambling version of the “birds-and-the-bees” talk is perhaps required.

Key Points to Discuss

You need to be direct about it, as you would if you were discussing with your inquisitive teenager / young adult matters of the birds-and-the-bees. Key points which you must discuss include budgeting and sticking to the budget, knowing when to stop and just controlling what can otherwise be a really rewarding and fun hobby.

Establishing a Controlled Casino Experience Environment at Home

imageWhat better way to put your inquisitive teenager / young adult through their paces than through a practical setting, like establishing a home casino type of environment. It’s as simple as playing casino games online at any free internet casino and then monitoring proceedings so that you can give your advice and input where needed. A good selection of these free online casino gaming platforms take their demo modes to the next level, with sign up rewards and other bonus credits with which your gambler-in-training gets their rite of passage to play with some real money and get a real feel for what it’s like.

On-Going Analysis and Feedback

The analysis of the outcomes must be on-going, paying special attention to the strengths and weaknesses depicted. Are they quick to place bets and hit the spin button, for instance and do they put too much of their heart into it? Youthful exuberance can be a good thing at times, but generally it has to give way with a little bit of level-headedness, which means you must teach your coming-of-age teenager how to limit themselves and learn how to enjoy the many other surrounding aspects that come with the act of gambling.

Socialising is one such aspect, along with many others.

Emphasising the Importance of the Lessons

imageSo once the importance of the lessons is drilled in, you’ve done your job and you can only hope for the best, as with all other areas of your life, perhaps. Your growing kid who’s reaching the adolescent stage in their life will probably experiment with such things in any case, so it’s best if they learn how to do it safely and smartly under your tutelage.

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