Caring For A Child With Disabilities

Caring for a disabled child not only means looking after their best interests but your own, as well. It can feel as though you have to take on the world on your own, but there is help out there if you know where to look, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask family and friends for assistance too. Everything from travelling to and from school to going on holiday can seem like a challenge, but it can still be enjoyable for everybody.

Ask For Help


Charities, local community groups, and even the government have set up a number of groups and networks that are aimed at providing help, but you should start by looking close to home. Family and close friends won’t mind helping out when they have spare time, while grandparents, siblings, and aunties and uncles will usually make spare time to help. Even if you only want somebody to collect the shopping for you, while you stay at home, don’t be afraid to ask.

You can also get financial help that could enable you to stay at home, rather than having to try and juggle a full time job with caring for your son or daughter. It is important that you have access to information on the latest benefits and support that you are entitled to.

Join Groups For You And Your Children

Support groups exist across the country, and these not only provide a way for your son or daughter to forge friendships with other children that understand their problems, but they offer support to parents and families too. Nobody really understands the difficulties you face as the parent of a disabled child, except for those that are going through it themselves.

You can search for local support groups on the government website, or charities like Contact a Family can offer advice on benefits, provide details on medical conditions, and enable you to contact families in your area that can offer support.

Get The Right Tools

Ensure you receive all the benefits and financial support that you are entitled to, and use some of this to arm yourself with the tools that can assist in daily life. Seemingly simple tasks like eating, bathing, and even sleeping can be challenging for your son or daughter, and potentially also for you, but it may not be necessary to struggle because there is a range of items that are designed to make these tasks achievable.

Hoists, wheelchairs, products to assist with eating and other essentials are all available, along with minibuses, cars, and other vehicles that offer easy access. Accessible vehicles can prove beneficial to you as well as your son or daughter.

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